Saturday, January 28, 2012

PSC 251/D in work.

Started a box of Plastic Soldiers Company's 15mm 251/D's today.  Still need to work on the photograph. My Cyber-shot does take some great close ups.  Which in this shows a few flaws. The paint I used as Tamiya  paint again.  The Dark Yellow is the color used on the half tracks. The first bas color was right out the bottle.  Than I mixed about four part white to one part dark yellow.  Just bought Life colour paint for Africa.   These will be used to do some 251/C and Britsh sherman I back dates.  Hope to finish this group up before Monday.  Let me what you think..

Monday, January 23, 2012

I-94 Decal I used.

Okay here are the number of the decals I use.
GR-106 is the hite Balkankruez
GR-100 is the black and white
NR-101 is the Red Numbers.
NW-101 is the white numbers
GR-105 is are the flags.
Dave is easy to deal with just follow the instructions on his site. If you have questions just email Dave.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


These are nice model of the 38T.  The model are for the early Russian front Campaign.  Again I used I94 Enterprises decal.  Hopefully I didn't over do the weathering.  These picture where taken with my Sony Cyber shot. The early post of the Panzer IV where taken with my Canon Power Shot SX130IS.  Again still play with the cameras on close up work.  I used the flash on a few pciture.  Next a few without the flash.   More later.

Panzer IV 's

Not the best pictures.  Need to work a little on the camera work.  The Panzer IV are for an Afrika Korp unit for my son's FOW  unit.  Tried a new painting technique using Tamiya Dark grey as a base.  Then sprayed  Model Master Africa sand over it.  After letting the paint dry overnight.  I used a q-tip dipped in turpentine.  Which I then lightly rubbed to get the grey to show through.   The panzers are from a old veteran to a new replacement vehicle. 

Decals are from I94 Enterprises.  This company makes excellent decall for 15 and 20mm.