Saturday, February 4, 2012

Plastic Soldier Company 251/D continued

Here is one of the 251/D's weathered.  The weathering consists of a mix of red brown and future watered.  This was to tone down the half track.  After I use AK interactive  D.A.K. weathering set.  The two weathering filters where AK066 Africa Korps wash plus AK067 streaking grime. 

First I applied the redbrown future mix over the whole vehicle.  After this I quickly rubbed the mixture off with an old T-shirt.  Rubbing off the future mixture was to make sure the red brown didn't over power the camo.  Next the Africa Korps wash was applied.  Following the instruction the wash was left to dry about 15minutes.  The final step was the streaking grime.  Carefully I streak on the grime.   Still have a little more weathering to do.  More too come..  I will be added the Fuel cans and some equipment.


  1. looks great i really like the paint job

  2. Great work Gary!

    You swing a very nice brush :)

    Happy Gaming,