Thursday, April 12, 2012

Normans or Bretons that is the question!

Finally got off my butt to take photos.  The paint job on these guys aren't the best. Painted them about 10 years ago. These poor guys have been hidden away in the darkest of basement. Originally I was going to use them for Warhammer fantasy troops.   As I was digging through the mountain of lead miniatures these little guys waved to me.  Hey use us they shouted at me.  Off the shelve of doom they came. 

First thing was to remount them for Saga.  Having bought the base from Architect of war for some Saxon's that are in work.   I removed them from the old square bases.  First was to super glue them down on the new Renedra 25mm base.   Next I super glued some 1 inch fender washes I found at Lowe's Home improvement store.  Okay you are wondering why I did this.  You will see later in the photo's I lined the bottom of the tray with a magnetic sheet. Now the troops won't bounce around.  Now on to the photo's.

One point of Thegns to start my Norman/Bretons unit for Saga.   Next some Hearthguards.

Next Some Crossbow men.  These are all Old glory figures.

Last photos are with the fender washes and the storage tray.

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  1. Great idea on the Magnet base for storage and movement.