Sunday, April 8, 2012

Northern Fury

Yesterday my copy of Northern Fury arrived in the mail from Architects of War.  The book follows the same format as the Saga Rule book.  In the rules four new groups have been added.  Ouch these guys are going to be a tough fight.. The Jomsvikings are to me the new tanks on the battlefield.  Next come the Bretons they look like Norman on steroids.  Followed by the Scot let say they don't look like the folks you want to mess with. Last are the Anglo-Saxons again these warriors have some new surprises. 

The only disappointment was that there no stickers for the new Scots.  The dice symbols are unique.   On the Saga broad there is a note that later in the week these will be available for download.   As for the dice we all know it has been a nightmare to get them. The only choice is to make your own.  As luck will have it a Swedish blogger name Daluppror has created a nice set that can be printed on self adhesive paper. 

Now as for the indented dice the best place to get them in from a company in Great Britain. The price is reasonable but shipping is the killer.  But for 25.00 your get 48 dice in your color mix and match so to speak.  Better than the 19.00 dollars a set of 8 from Gripping beast.

Here is the link for the dice:

Hope to post some pictures later of my Norman and Anglo-Saxon.  

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