Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tiger, Tiger!! PSC new Tiger

Finished up the PSC new Tigers.  This is the first batch so far.  These are the early production Tiger used in Tunsia.  Decided to make the Tigers from 504th Company.  You will notice they are a Olive green.  The color is based from information posted on "Missing Lynx".  Great Armor modelling site.  According the people posted on "Missing Lynx" these Tiger where repainted Olive Green in Sicily before being shipped to Tunsia.  Plus information from British tanker who fought these tigers up close.  All the veterans state: They where so close I couldn't forget they where painted green.  Besides it is nice to have a different color on the table instead of the normal Afrika Korp Tan.

I used Model Master Olivegrun as a base coat.  After which I highlighted the with Olivegrun and a touch of radome tan to get a lighter tone.  Once the paint dried over night.  The next step was to put a washed on using Mig Products "Brown wash"  The Tiger was sealed with Testers Flat coat.  Hope you like them.

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