Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just stuff

Time fly's by. It has been over a month since my last post. Car fixes and other commits have kept me away from the blog.   Just need to take pictures of the items I finished in the past month.  
  Have been on this IDF vs Arabs kick as of late.  I bought items from quality cast which I wasn't to impressed with.  For 15mm their on the small side I believe.  Brookhurst had a 20% off sale on Peter Pig.  So I bought some IDF Centurions and IDF troops.  The different in size between the Peter Pig and Quality Cast are huge.    Years ago I purchased some 20mm IDF from the Foundry. The miniatures are nice.  But no longer available sadly. 

Now today I found a new company the makes some great 20mm figures.  The company it  Under Fire Miniature out of the U.K.   Check out the images below.

                                                               Zanla Troops
                                                       1983 IDF Troops
                                                     Selous Scout

The company takes paypal.  More later.

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