Sunday, August 11, 2013

BA-64 armor car

I won these little armor cars on Ebay.  Trying to round out my Russians forces.  The plan was to use them with the Battlefront Kursk rules.  But now that I own Bolt Action rules. Plus coming soon Chain of command from two fat lardies.   The problem now which rule set to 

The BA-64s are painted with Tamiya colors.   The base color is XF-58 Olive Green. The highlight is a mixture of XF-58 and XF-4 Yellow green.  Start olive green and add the yellow green until the shade looks right to you.  2 to1 olive green is a good start.  The black lights are my own mix of the Future and a black Acrylic paint.   To make it flow a little best add a little water.

Now for the pictures.

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