Monday, June 30, 2014

Sorry for not posting in while

 These past three weeks have been tough.   I lost 5 good friends.  Three to cancer and two were lost to major stroke.   I'm not a young man anymore.  My 66th birthday is only a few months away. 

 It has been a hard struggle to paint figures for the up coming battle.   But have managed to finish up about 10 regiment of cavalry.  Plus some artillery battery's.  Need to make more buildings also.   I've lost the push because the wind has been taken out of my sails so to speak.

My plan is to post some more pictures.  It could be a week or so.

Hold your good friends close.  Cherish their friendship and memory of good times.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Polish Foot artillery for project Leipzig

 Just finished the foot artillery.  The bases are 1.75 x 1.75 inches.  Had planned to make smaller ones but I could not fit all the pieces on without make unit look cramped.   It took a 5 days of painting the figures for the batteries.  At the same time I was painting the Horse artillery units.  Those have to be mounted still.

 The bases are painted green first.  Next I added the Foot gunners.  Added green flock with some gravel.  The bases still need some additional static grass.  Again I am press for time to finish all my units by the 5th of July...

Now the pictures:

Project Leipzig buildings

Last weekend I was busy assembling buildings.  Most are 4ground laser cut MDF building.  Earlier in the year I won  an eBay auction for a church, two story painted building and a 4 story apartment building.   The Russian houses I purchased off the net from Noble Knight.   Noble Knight sometimes has some great sale.  Plus Dzur's eBay store, which has some greatly reduced price sales.

 The church itself took a couple of days to do.  Sections have to be glued and set over night before more pieces can be added.   Now I some building for the battle. The wooden Russian homes are not as easy. Mostly because of the next interior walls.  At one point I felt like a needed an octopus to hold all the side together.  At a later day I plan to make bases for the Russian homes.   Enjoy!

 Russian houses

 Medieval  house and block apartment
 Two story building

Mdf laser cut building are great.  Assembly quickly with very little headaches.  Next I have to assembly my paper buildings.   I hope there is enough time to finish them also.

WW2 rules sets

 Today while reading Itinerant Hobbyist post I came across his post on "Nuts final edition".  Owning a early version I have been thinking about buy the latest edition.  No can never have enough rules set...

In the post he mentions Sixtwentyeight's blog. Clicking on the link how-not-to-make-friends-and-upset
I found a excellent review of WW2 rules.   I recommend if your budget is tight for buying new rule read his review..  The review could save you a few dollars.

 Looks like I will be ordering the rules shortly..