Sunday, July 20, 2014

Part 2 BMP-1 Painted

Painted the BMP-1 yesterday early in the morning.   The camo pattern is a soviet three tone that was used both by the Syrians and Soviet army.  Why this paint scheme you say?  Easy I bought Khurasan  70's soviet troops.  There is a plan float around to do some skirmish battles in Germany 50's, 60's or 70's.   Enough of dreaming about the future projects back to the BMP-1.

                                 The paint set I use is Mig Ammo's new Modern Soviet set.

   The BMP in the middle is the color scheme I picked
 The color use A.MIG-055, A.MIG-059 & A.MIG-056.  Found out if you add a couple of drops
of plain tap water the paint will flow better.  The water made it so I could spray fine lines
       BMP-1 with three tone paint scheme.   Used Migs Afrika Korp washed. Next the rust is any a Mig product.  This are much more easier to work with than mixing your own colors.  The tracks are paint using Tamiya Hull red.

There is some mud applied to the hull.  This product is from Game Workshop 40K weathering product.  The mud matches European mud pretty well.  Later in the week the plan is to finish muddying up the road wheels.

Hope you like what you see.  Comments are welcome.