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The Arab Nations provided considerable reinforcements to Egypt and Syria during the 1973 War. However, the reinforcements arrived at different times during the conflict. Lt General Shazly rates them in order of effectiveness as follows: Iraq, Algeria, Libya, Jorda, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kuwait, Tunisa. He pays special attention to the Iraq Hunter pilots operating on the Egyptian Front.
Algeria's three squadrons of aircraft arrived in Egypt between October the 9th - 11th, while the armoured brigade arrived on the 17th. While Libya's forces were in Egypt prior to the war beginning.

Egyptian Front
Land elements included:
Algeria: 1 x Armoured Brigade
Libya: 1 x Armoured Brigade
Morocco: 1 x Infantry Brigade
Sudan: 1 x Infantry Brigade
Kuwait: 1 x Infantry Battalion
Tunisa: 1 x Infantry Battalion

Syrian Front
Primary land elements included:
3rd Iraqi Armoured Division:
6th Armoured Brigade (130 Tanks)
? Armoured Brigade (130 Tanks)
8th Mechanised Brigade (50 Tanks)

Iraqi Infantry Division:
Unknown organisation

Jordanian Contingent:
40th Jordanian Armoured Brigade (Centurion; M113)
Additional Armoured Brigade
Moroccan Expeditionary Force:

1 x Armoured Regiment
Saudi Arabia:

1 x Infantry Brigade (Jordanian Defensive Front)



Following the 1967 war the Syrians began a large re-equipment program with modern Soviet equipment. This was increased, and supplemented by additional Soviet training, following the poor performance of Syrian forces during the 1970 fighting between Syria and Jordan.
Just prior to the 1973 war Syria adopted a divisional command structure. Up to this point the highest level of command was the Brigade.

5th Infantry Division: Brig. General Ali Aslan
112th Infantry Brigade
61st Infantry Brigade
132nd Mechanised Brigade
47th Independent Tank Brigade
50th Artillery Brigade
7th Infantry Division: Brig. General Omar Abrash
68th Infantry Brigade
85th Infantry Brigade
121st Mechanised Brigade
78th Independent Tank Brigade
70th Artillery Brigade
Moroccan Brigade (30 T-55) (attached)

9th Infantry Division: Col. Hassan Tourkmani
52nd Infantry Brigade
33rd Infantry Brigade
43rd Mechanised Brigade
51st Tank Brigade (T-55)
89th Artillery Brigade

1st Armoured Division: Col. Tewfig Jehani
91st Tank Brigade (T-62)
4th Tank Brigade (T-55)
2nd Mechanised Brigade (40 T-55)
64th Artillery Brigade (54 guns including 18 T34/122mm SP Guns)

3rd Armoured Division: Brig. General Mustapha Sharba
20th Tank Brigade (T-55)
65th Tank Brigade (T-55)
15th Mechanised Brigade
13th Artillery Brigade
81st Tank Brigade (T-62) (attached)

Independent Brigades:
Assad Republican Guard (T-62 & BMP)

Army Level Assets:
Artillery Brigade (36 180mm guns)
69th Rocket Artillery Brigade (FROG-7)

General Headquarters Forces: Maj General Yousef Chakour
70th Tank Brigade
141st Tank Brigade
81st Tank Brigade (T-62) (attached to 3rd Armoured Division)
62nd Mechanised Brigade
30th Infantry Brigade
90th Infantry Brigade
1st Commando Group
82nd Parachute Regiment
Additional Artillery Brigades
Syria lost some 1150 tanks in the fighting. In addition, Iraq and Jordan, who both committed forces to the fighting after the initial attacks, lost a further 100 and 50 tanks respectively.



Following the defeat of the 1967 War the Egyptian Armed Forces underwent considerable training and re-equipment. For example the 4th Armoured Division was completely re-equipped as well as the formation of a second armoured division. Several infantry divisions were mechanised and the number of infantry divisions were increased due to sweeping reforms.
Total forces committed to the initial operations either directly or as immediate reseves were organised as follows:

5 Infantry Divisions
3 Mechanised Divisions
2 Armoured Divisions
3 Independent Armoured Brigades
3 Parachute Brigades
28 Commando Battalions
1 Marine Brigade
1 Frog 7 Battalion
These forces deployed some 1700 tanks; 2500 armoured vehicles; 2000 artillery peices; 1500 anti-tank guns; 700 anti-tank missiles, including 200 Sagger equipped BRDM2s.

War Minister and Commander in Chief, Ahmad Ismail Ali
2nd Army, General Saad Mamoun/Genl. Abd el Munem Halil.
18th Infantry Division, Brigadier General Fuad 'Aziz Ghali:

134th Infantry Brigade
135th Infantry Brigade
136th Infantry Brigade
15th Independent Armoured Brigade (attached and equipped with T-62)
2nd Infantry Division, Brigadier General Hasav Abu Saada:

4th Infantry Brigade
117th Infantry Brigade
120th Infantry Brigade
24th Armoured Brigade (attached from the 23rd Mechanised Division)
16th Infantry Division, Brigadier General Abd Rab al-Nabi Hafiz:

3rd Infantry Brigade
16th Infantry Brigade
112th Infantry Brigade
14th Armoured Brigade (attached from 21st Armoured Division)
21st Armoured Division:

1st Armoured Brigade
14th Armoured Brigade (detached initially)
16th Mechanised Brigade
23rd Mechanised Division:

24th Armoured Brigade (detached initially)
116th Mechanised Brigade
118th Mechanised Brigade
3rd Army, General Wasel
7th Infantry Division:

? Infantry Brigade
? Infantry Brigade
? Infantry Brigade
25th Independent Armoured Brigade (attached and equipped with T62)
19th Infantry Division:

? Infantry Brigade
? Infantry Brigade
? Infantry Brigade
22nd Armoured Brigade (attached from the 6th Mechanised Division)
6th Mechanised Division:

113th Mechanised Brigade
? Mechanised Brigade
22nd Armoured Brigade (detached only partially returned)
4th Armoured Division:

3rd Armoured Brigade
2nd Armoured Brigade
? Mechanised Brigade
Independent Brigades attached to 3rd Army:

130th Independent Marine Brigade, Col. Mahmud Sha'ib (PT-76 & BTR 50).
25th Independent Armoured Brigade (Equipped with T-62).

1st Field Army (Strategic Reserve)
Unknown Armoured Division:
3rd Mechanised Infantry Division: [1]
6th Infantry Division: [1]
Republican Guard "Brigade" (divisional strength):
3 Parachute Brigades:
Western Command (Libya Border) & Southern Command (Aswan/Nile Valley/Sudan Border)
3 Armoured Brigades
2 Mechanised Brigades


Nice break down on unit tank and vehicle types


Northern Command, General Hofi
36th Mechanised Ugda, General Eitan.

188th "Barak" Armoured Brigade: 74th Tank Battalion, Lt. Col. Yari Notshi (33 Centurions); 53rd Tank Battalion (32 Centurions); ? Mech Infantry Battalion.
7th Armoured Brigade: 77th Tank Battalion, Col. Kahalaric (33 Centurions); 82nd Tank Battalion (33 Centurions); 75th Armoured Infantry Battalion; Armoured School Tank Battalion (Centurion).
1st "Golani" Infantry Brigade.
31st Airborne Brigade.
146th Armoured Ugda, General Peled.

9th Armoured Brigade.
19th Armoured Brigade (Super Sherman).
20th Armoured Brigade.
70th Armoured Brigade.
240th Armoured Ugda, General Laner.

679th Reserve Armoured Brigade, Col Uri Orr (Centurion).
19th Armoured Brigade (ex 146th Ugda).
20th Armoured Brigade (ex 146th Ugda).
79th Armoured Brigade.
17th Armoured Brigade, Col. Sarig.
14th Infantry Brigade.

Southern Command, General Gonen
252nd Armoured Ugda, General Mendler/Magen.

14th Armoured Brigade, Col. Amror Reshev.
401st Armoured Brigade, Col. Dan Shomron, (M60)
460th Armoured Brigade, Col. Gabi Amir, (Patton & Centurion).
Reserve Infantry Brigade.
143rd Armoured Ugda, General Sharon

421st Armoured Brigade (Includes at least some M48 Patton)
14th Armoured Brigade (ex 252nd Ugda)
55th Airborne Brigade, Col. Matt: 416th Battalion; 564th Battalion; 565th Battalion.
Armoured Brigade
Infantry Brigade
162nd Armoured Ugda, General Bren Adan.

217th Armoured Brigade, Col. Natan 'Natke' Nir (Centurion).
600th Armoured Brigade, Col. Baram).
460th Armoured Brigade (ex 252nd Ugda).
500th Armoured Brigade, Col. Karem.
202nd Airborne Brigade
11th "Koach Gonen" Armoured Brigade, Col Yoel Gonen (Ti-67, Recon companies in BTR50/OT62 & PT76).
Infantry Brigade
Additional Southern Command forces:
146th Composite Ugda (ex Syrian Front?)

Infantry Brigade.
Mechanised Brigade.
440th Composite Ugda

Three Infantry Brigades.

Other Southern Command formations:
35th Paratroop Brigade, Col Uzi Yairi (likely under command of Ugda Adan).
247th Paratroop Brigade.


Found this on a Israeli military forum.   Thought it might be some help for the folks to organize their combat formations.


Armored Brigade:
* 2 Tank Battalions
* 1 Mechanized Infantry/Paratrooper Battalion
* 1 Battalion of 2 Self-Popelled Mortar Batteries
* 1 Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Company
* 1 Recee Company

Mechanized Brigade:
* 3 Mechanized Infantry/Paratrooper Battalions
* 1 Tank Battalion
* 1 Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Company

Tank Battalion:
* 3 to 4 Tank Companies
* 1 Support Company

Tank Company:
* Company HQ: (2 Tanks)
* 3 Platoons: (3 Tanks Each)

Support Company:
* 4 Recee Jeeps or 4 M3 Half-tracks or 4 M113's

Mechanized Infantry Battalion:
* 3 Mechanized Infantry Companies
* 1 Support Company

Mechanized Infantry/Paratroop Company:
* Company HQ (2 M3 Half-tracks or M113's, Jeep, 6 Infantry)
* 3 Rifle Platoons

Rifle Platoon:
* Platoon HQ (M3 or M113, 10 Infantry w/ 1 mortar and 1 anti-tank weapon.
* 3 Rifle Sections (M3 or M113, 10 Infantry w/ 1 LMG, 1 anti-tank weapon each.)

Support Company:
* 6 M150 (TOW)
* 9 M125
* 1 M3 or M113 with FO
* 3 M3 or M113 with 6 .50 cal HMG

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Roman river Barge

 During my search on the Roman Patrol boat I found information on a trade barge. This one was recovered in Holland by a group of archeologist.  A group of historians have recreated the craft which gives tours on the river.  Here are some pictures that I found on google.  Hopefully someone might like to recreate a 28mm model of the craft. Plan to post pictures of my Victrix Romans shortly.  Just started assembling the Roman Allies for painting.

cross section of barge

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Modelcollect Hobby Inc Modern Soviet tanks 1/72 scale

  Found they on a facebook page I'm following.  Several of people I know are into the Modern armor tanks.  Modelcollect is making or planning to make the T-55, T-62, T72, T80 and T90 series of 72nd scale armor. They are also going to make crew figures. 

Modelcollect link

T72B with ERA


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Roman Patrol Boat Pt 3

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time searching the internet for more information on this boat. Here is what I found.  Hope you find this just as interesting as I did.

 Crew rowing stations
 Bow view
Sections of the boat.

I'm currently trying to find a good side view with the section stations.  Once I have that I can construct the boat.  

While search I also found a Roman barrage that was used for trade. The barrage was found in Holland.  Based on what they found a recreation was made.  I wish I had know this while I was working in Germany.    Any information on this is great welcome.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Roman Patrol boat Part2

Thanks to Ron on TMP his link lead me to the reproduction Patrol boat.    The site is  in German so you will need to translate the blog.

Lusoria Henana

Here is a drawing of the Patrol boat.  I plan to find a better one.  As the section doesnt agree with the construction picture.

If you live in Europe you and take a ride on this craft during the summer.  But be ready to row. The tour instruction tell you to bring water, ride gloves ( So you don't destroy your hands rowing the boat) and the correct clothing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pasting of John Hill, a giant in the gaming world

 It is a sad day as a great man and gamer designer pasted away.   I bought ASL when it came out in the 70's.  During this time I was in the Navy working the night shift.   It was slow a night just recovering P-3's the had been out on night mission.  My friend and played ASL during that time. The game was fun and the out come of the game could change in a minute.   Next was Johnny Reb I, II and III.  This lead me into gaming in 15mm. Plus Johnny Reb is a good  insight into the American Civil War.  The last purchased before Christmas was Across a deadly field.  I had planned to do a short review of the book.  Sad lost in the world of wargaming.

God speed John...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Need some help on the Roman boat

 I found this on the internet.  The boat is a patrol craft that the Romans used in Rhine area. It is a reproduction of the original.  Is there plans or drawing of this boat.  So far I have had no luck locating any drawings.. Any help will be great appreciated!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

New ARV in 15mm from S & S Models

These are a welcome addition to the war gaming folks.  A couple of months ago I post the Shaun of  S & S models was going to make a T-55 bridge layer.  Looks like their are going release  a Sherman and Cromwell ARV.  Plus they are planning to make more 15mm conversion is the future.

 Check out their link for updates.

S&S models

How to starting paint miniatures.

Today while going through my facebook page I found this blog.   For a new painter or even a veteran painter the blog shows and tells you what is needed to get started. This is the most comprehensive post I seen on how to start.  The blog is about a year old.   Please take look.

Painting guide how to start paint