Monday, April 13, 2015

Wright Con 2015 IPMS Regional contest

This past Saturday I attend Wright Con 2015 the region 4 regional contest.  The contest was nice. On the plus side I got to go to the USAF Museum again.   My entry was a F-104 that I had fought with for two years.  Most of the time the model sat on the shelf of doom.  During the initial build I had accidentally knock off a tip tank fin.  I couldn't find it.  About a month ago while looking at a box with another model.  There was the fin.   It was glued it on. The rest of the build continued.   But I was still boomed.  In my rush to finish I neglected to attach the tail hook.  That is pretty well the kiss of death at a contest.

Here are the photos I took.   I wanted to take more but the isles happened to be to small. These made it difficult to take more pictures.  I may just start another blog with contest pictures.

My sad F-104C

Awesome HE-219 first place winner

Another amazing 1/72 model with scratch built interior by Mark Smith

Not sure if this was the first winner by Jack Oliver

Jeff Ownes 2nd  place?

First place winner

First place winner 1/72 FW-190D

Stunning work

Amazing work by Jeff Groves

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