Wednesday, August 3, 2016

For all the Bolts action folks. Anti-aircraft machine guns.

Okay we all know multiple machine for anti aircraft defense.  Twin and triple mounts no be deal.  But  here are a couple of bad ass gun mounts.   These would be great for stopping an infantry attack.  Here is photograph proof that they did exist.  And it will drive the other players



  1. Just interested...on the lower example would that be three dice for each LMG? It looks like a dozen weapons...yes, I guess that would stop most infantry attacks. (Insert giant smiley face.)

  2. I believe three dice per gun would work. This weapon should be called the meat grinder...

  3. But there would be a half-hour pause to reload all those snail drums, only the Krauts would come up with something as nutty as this. At 1500rpm that 100 round drum would last a fraction of a horrific fraction of a second but you wouldn't have time to sweep the field.

    All the same I might just scratchbuild one just to drive people crazy :)