Monday, October 31, 2016

Chaps who would like to be King (Artizan design miniatures)

 As everyone knows you can't play any colonial or VSF with out great leaders.   Seam Connery, Peter O'Toole inspired in their roles in The man who would king.   It was a great movie in 1975 on the big screen.  Peachy Carnehan (Micheal Caine), Daniel "Danny" Dravot (Connery) and  the Gurkha soldier who goes by the name of Billy Fish (Saeed Jaffrey).

 I have to have these gentlemen in my forces.  Artizan made this possible with the set figures call Chaps who would be king,  My paypal account screamed not more bloody 28mm lead soldier... Lucky for Brigade Games had them in stock......  My finger hit the pay button.. Well the rest is history. If you want check the link.... Be warned  they are more VSF figures there.

Chaps who would king   


  1. Bloody Perfect,

    "Now let us rise and seek safety in battle!"

  2. Great film and great looking figures. Just a small point, Michael Caine played the part of Peachy Carnehan in the film.

  3. Thanks Matt, I will correct that. Had a brain fart...