Friday, May 26, 2017

Recreation of Saxon, Viking and Romans helmets & clothing

I follow a facebook page that talks about recreating dark ages helmet and clothing.   This is real some amazing recreation. The Helmets just are stunning.   The clothing is a great guide for painting one miniatures.   I think you will agree this inspires one to pick up their brush.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

East German uniforms for Yankee team fans

With the release of the East German army for Yankee team people are wondering what color is the uniform.  Here is what I found on the web.  Great pictures of the uniforms.  SO now get crackin on those troops.

Nice photo of winter camo

Monday, May 22, 2017

War Store... Excellent service. This is why I purchase my miniatures from them!

I can tell this is very true.  My order for some Perry Miniatures has gotten lost in the dark space of the USPS.  The package got as far the Mid Processing and Distribution ctr in NY.   This was way back on the 7th of May.  Next on the track number it shown in transit to destination.  On this date all tracking stopped.  I filed a postal notice for a missing package.  Also took a trip to my local Post office.  Well you can figure it out.   The reply was "Its in the mail...DUH."   Where is it?  Basically the tracking number is useless..   It is a make you feel good deal.

   Now on the Warstore end.   Brianne the Miniatures Goddess came to the rescue.   She just asked me to do a few things to verify the problem.   If the package didn't show to call her.   I did...  Being the Goddess of the Warstore.  Problem fixed the replacement is on the way...   That's it problem fixed...

Package is coming UPS...  The moral is this story.. Make the WarStore your first stop...

Oldsarge approves this message.

Quick Reference unit cards for MWWBK

Found these on another blog "Shed Wars.   Great idea for reference cards.

Link to the excellent "Shed Wars blog":kings-unit-cards

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Oberst Kurt Steiner Character sheet from Easy Eight Enterprises.

Blast from the past.  Character sheet from Easy Eight Enterprises.  Hope to post more soon.  The one I remember was Battlegroup miniature where not the best sculpts.  Some where in the collection of lead I have the Russian assault group.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The dawn attack..

This is what it felt like to the troops.

British patrol attacked at dawn.

Here are some pictures of the surprise attack on the patrol.   The attack was launched at dawn.  All full account of this unwarranted attack can be found here :Duplicity-abounds

One regular unit (yellow) in the middle artillery unit, the far unit tribesmen.

Tribesmens attack and find out the metal of British troops

The enemy is beating back.

At this point the British retreat in good order.  As they had no way to defend against the artillery unit.  The
loses where 1 KIA and two captured do to their wounds.  The overall commander is making plans to recover the 
troops that have been capture.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Exploring the Island of Vectis Neulandia campaign continues. The boat patrol

Having made a the expedition base at the large Port on the west side of the island.  The British forces set forth on exploring the lands by using the rivers.   This decision was made to rapidly explore the land.  Part of the mission was to meet with the local in friendship.  Part of the goal was to set up trading post with the locals.  To sell fine English products like tea and crumpets.

It was hope to find out more about the people.  As from what was found was larges forests of exotic woods.  We British do love fine wood for many things.    Below is a map of the land that was explored by boat.

The expedition reported what they have discovered.

As we sailed up river to a fork the land is lovely rolling grasslands, rich and fertile with many prosperous looking farms and small towns

 The long term goals for the first year of exploration.

Her majesty's  colonial improvements for the Island of Vectis

The Capital
Impressive Embassy to help with local relations. 5pt
Build a Port for the export of products         30pts (On Hold)
Build a furniture factory and mill processing Exotic wood       18pts
trading post  (selling British good and fish & chips) 2pts
create road system to connecting territory         1pt
total   26pts
1 X Elite Sharpshooters  Regular Infantry (Guards)     9pts
1 X Fierce regular Infantry (Highlanders) 7pts
1 x Irregular Infantry (Militia)  Unwilling Irish troops 4pt
1 x Irregular Cavalry ( Volunteers)                 4pts
1 X pom pom gun  well drilled                 6 Pts
total                                  30pts

Grand Total for capital            56 Pts
Build roads in territories to include capital area 4pts
Grand Total 60pts

Future if I last that long and not run out of money
1st Territory  ( year 2)
Resource is Ivory (Other)
create a factory to turn Ivory into exports and local sales 18pts  ( On hold)
Trading post to sell fine India Curry to the locals 2pts    (On Hold)
Fresh water plant to improve the natives Health 5pts    (On Hold)
Government outpost  ( To provide police )          2pts
create telegraph to next territory                 1

2nd Territory (year 2)
Resource Nitrates
create a plant to process  Nitrates                  18pts
Plant products explosive and fertilize 
Barrack  for troop and police                  1pt
create a road to next territory              1pt
trading post  and fish & chip dinner                  2pts
Research station for Nitrates                  18pts

3rd Territory ( future plans)
Resource Natural rubber
Create rubber plantation to harvest the rubber 2pts
create improved farming                2PTS
Outpost  police and troops                5pts
road system                        1pts
research station for new product for rubber        18 pts
Build a church                        ?pts

Build a local governmental office                ?pts

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Battleground by Easy Eight WW2 miniature rules

Not sure how many people remember this game. Let alone if they played it.  It was a awesome game for me. A little role playing , good mechanics just plain fun.  Found a yahoo group that posts on the game.  My intent is post what I can on the game here to see if there is still interest.

History on the game:

From what I recall the rules where written by two guys.  One of them was killed in a accident. That pretty killed that game.  Next the only way to get the game was on a CD.  Lots of people back in the 90's didn't like this change.
Currently available from Syr Hobbs Wargames :Syr Hobbs Battle ground rules

If you have any info or wish to share you experience with the feel free to post.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Battleground 15mm game charts

Reinforcements from the Queen for Neulandia

It seems the American have recruited an Auto bod.  The British expedition has requested help. The first will mechanical men is show below.

Also there is a request pending additional money from the Parliament to have the below walker be purchased from Krupps.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Neulandia British campaign. Part 1

    Founded uncounted centuries ago by the losers of a dynastic struggle on the mainland the island kingdom of Malgassy has long shunned contact with the outside world. The people display a fanatical devotion to their king and his family. Trading only occasionally with the Caliphate and the Slaver Kingdom the Malagasians have had little contact with the European interlopers.
    The island chain was once entirely controlled by the Kingdom. The southern half of the main island and the southern islands first broke away as part of a dynastic struggle within the ruling family and then fell under the sway of the dreaded worshippers of the Thuggi sect. This has led to a complete breakdown of order in the South, a circumstance that has allowed the Her Majesty to plant a colony with the avowed aim of crushing the "devil worshippers" and restoring order.
    The northern half of the Kingdom remains rich and densely populated. The centuries of isolation have allowed the Malagassians to carefully exploit every natural resource and rigorous management of these resources has made the Kingdom rich beyond what would be expected for such a small area.
    Relations with the British colony are aloof and coldly polite, with just enough hostility to discourage any attempt at commercial or social contact. Secretly the Malagassian ruler fears the new colony and has been feverishly collecting modern weaponry to help stave off any attempt to establish "order"  his lands. The most concerning point is that the colonial troops crushed the Thuggi in just one year, something that the Kingdom had not been able to achieve in fifty!
    Outsiders see the Kingdom as a mysterious land of temples and rituals, adorned with the wealth of centuries and only mildly aware of the progress of the modern world. This is only partially true, the Kingdom is intensely conservative but both the government and the religious orders place a high value on education and intellectual discourse and understand and can apply most scientific principals. The desire to avoid upheaval and the unpleasantness of sudden change has caused the powers that be to use a gradualist approach to modernization.

GOVERNMENT: The island is ruled by a semi-hereditary king. The "royal" family consists of about four thousand bloodlines grouped into five tribes. These tribes take it in turn to choose a new king upon the passing of the old. The next ascendant tribe provides the King's ministers, the third provides the provincial governors, the fourth the bureaucrats and religious ministers and the fifth the leaders of the military. This way there is constantly fresh blood being injected in all branches of government and all of the tribes must educate their children to fit into any role, assuring a well-rounded education.

ARMY:  The Malagassian military presents a confusing spectacle to outsiders. How does one try to understand an army that has Gatling guns but still insists that chariots are not only a valid but an entirely necessary piece of military gear?  The appearance of elephants and chariots may confuse western commentators but the hard core of the army is the long-serving infantry drawn from the military caste. The armaments of these troops have been carefully upgraded with the passing of time. While the costume and drill may be amusingly archaic the troops are deadly professionals at the time of battle. The cavalry is similarly drawn from a specific caste but has declined in importance as the power of the infantry has risen. Still they are useful for scouting and the occasional mad charge. The chariots and elephants are the most obvious relics from ages past but even these have been subtly adapted to more modern methods. the chariots have been armed with light guns firing out of the back and experiments have been conducted with mounting a machine gun to fire out the rear. The elephants are used mainly to transport guns through bad terrain and special armored ones have been trained to batter doors down or attack modern steam transports.

NAVY: Until recently the navy had lagged behind the other services. Using only sailing vessels for combat and transport their only real challenge until lately was keeping the pirates away from the inter-island trade. With the appearance of the Europeans the navy has reconsidered its role and is now rapidly developing a blue-water capability. The recent acquisition of modern guns and steam engines from the western powers has made a radical impact on both the design of the ships and their competitiveness with other powers.

The large yellow dot is the capital and major port.

Kool terrain bits over on the Lair of the Uber Geek

Uber Geek has been one of the blogs I follow.   Lots of great and very interesting posts on this site. You can find the link of my blog list.  Today he posted some great bits of terrain that was purchased off e-bay.   Check out Uber geek's blog.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Who to create a character for Pathfinder or D & D quick and easy using your birthday

Like everyone trying to make create a new character.  Sometime one will have brain freeze.  But here is a quick way to generate a character.  This chart is off the Pathfinder face book page.  It is from the gamer master stash.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Photographing your miniatures.

I have to admit I do not take the best photographs .   Here is a simple way to improve taking pictures of your miniatures.  In this video the lady will show you how to make a very simple light box.   Looks like you can make one for around 10 dollars.   Hobby Lobby sells the foam board for a reasonable price.  Same come for the craft paper.   Now buying the tripods is a different show. I really not sure what they cost.   Looks like I will need to surf the web to find a set.   Check the video. let me know if you think this video was helpful.

Monday, May 8, 2017

How to make Tall Forest Pine trees.

We all lack good scenery for our battlefield.  Most of the time it is the cost of buy the trees.  The video is a tutorial on how to make large pines.   The maker is using coconut matting for plants.  This material is fairly easy to fine.   Menards garden shop, Hobby Lobby and etc.   Watch the video to see now easy it is to make the trees.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The old and Bold. How to find a sniper in battle

I like to post items of interest.  Here is a 93 year old WW2 veteran commando.  Explaining on how to find a sniper.  Lots of good information.

Part 2 to the No1 Mk111 enfield

Sit back and enjoy the video.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ever wonder if you painted your Thegns correctly... Here is the answer.

I figure I not alone in trying to paint my Saxons correctly.   Sometime I just sit a stare at the figures. I can hear the little bugger screaming paint me damn it..   Many a time I have ended up just stripping off the paint because the color was wrong.   I wish I had found this blog first.  Thegns of Mercia..Thegans

This would of saved me hours of painting.   I bet there are few that read this blog will agree...

OH no leather shields!

Notice the heat bluing on the helmet.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

video on the C-133

The C-133 was oversized cargo hauler.  The C-5 Galaxy replaced.  To me it is an impressive aircraft.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Neulandia Campaign has started. Prussian draw first blood

The campaign has kicked off.   The Prussian had to put down a local Rebellion.  Surprisingly the local rebels put up a good fight.   More can be found here Prussian draw first blood

 Maybe this will inspire me to get back to paint my troops.   My Natal Cavalry has been stuffed in the box of doom.   The Boers well, they went on strike. Not happy with the way I painted them..