Thursday, May 11, 2017

Photographing your miniatures.

I have to admit I do not take the best photographs .   Here is a simple way to improve taking pictures of your miniatures.  In this video the lady will show you how to make a very simple light box.   Looks like you can make one for around 10 dollars.   Hobby Lobby sells the foam board for a reasonable price.  Same come for the craft paper.   Now buying the tripods is a different show. I really not sure what they cost.   Looks like I will need to surf the web to find a set.   Check the video. let me know if you think this video was helpful.


  1. It's a good idea to diffuse the light as well, so it doesn't shine too strong and wash out colors on the miniature. I use a lightbox with sides of tissue paper for the light to shine through. It works fine, but as clumsy as I am, I put holes in the paper often and so need to change it out every few months.

    For tripods, check secondhand stores like Goodwill. I've purchased three older tripods for $2-3 each at our local Goodwill and see others popping up all the time.

  2. Chris thanks for the tip about Goodwill. Going to check their store out tomorrow.