Monday, August 7, 2017

Battle of Quatre Bras at the Claymore Wargames show

This is from one of the facebooks pages I follow.  Had to post these amazing pictures by Chris Johnson. Unfortunately the Show was in Edinburgh  for me..  Enjoy.

The Border Reivers Wargames Society played a demo game at the Claymore Wargames Show in Edinburgh yesterday using Dave Brown's new 'General d'Armee' Napoleonic rule-set. The game was based on the Battle of Quatre Bras-1815, using 25/28mm figures on a 12ftx6ft table.
We used our 'portable' wargames set-up with battle mat and separate fields, roads, hedges etc. Easy(er) to carry around than our usual 2ft square sculpted mdf boards.
The sharp-eyed among you might notice that the hill-slope in the middle of the table is missing compared to the sketch map. It was accidently left in my car when we transferred the scenery to a bigger vehicle (cough!).
Photos from a 'dress rehearsal' of the same battle we played last week are uploaded here: - 

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