Monday, August 28, 2017

Chain of Command counter

This is from  John Bond's wargaming blog.  This will be my next purchase from Warbases.  All my MDF base I use are from Warbases.  They have outstanding service. Their custom service is second to none I you have any problem.   Their is on my column.  Link to John Bond's Wargame blog


 The Mark V version of  my Chain of Command Tracker has gone into production and is ready to be purchased from  WARBASES, follow the link:
Martin Murray has done a nice job at replicating the Tracker using MDF.

As the majority of Chain of Command games are played with Troops using 5 x D6 Command Dice, the effects of falling Force morale on this Tracker are primarily set to accommodate this. The Tracker does offer modifiers to "effects" so that players may field troops with 6 x D6 or 4 x D6 Command Dice.

Rectangular area  marked "Command Dice" which is obscured by the dice houses up to 6 x 12 mm D6 dice.

Large Dial is the Force Morale dial:

  • monitors the Force Morale of the Troops.
  • left side of the dial helps set your Force's Morale, via a roll of 1 x D6, the results is cross referenced with the "roll number" on the left side of the dial, indicating your Force Morale (Elites and Green troop modifiers are listed bottom left).
  • right side of the dial, lists the effects of falling Morale. (when fielding Elites with 6 x D6 or Green Troops with 4 x D6, modifiers to apply to the effects are listed on the bottom right).
Small Dial monitors the Chain of Command points:
  • records the number of 5's rolled with the Command Dice.
  • once the number 6 on the dial is reached, it is reset to 0 and 1 x Command Dice is accumulated.
Panel on the top left side records the number of Command Dice accumulated.
  • this is achieved by moving the Perspex rod up one notch.
  • once a Command Dice is used the Perspex rod is dropped down one notch.

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