Thursday, August 3, 2017

Part 2 my new army

Well, after opening the box.  I found that there was no instructions on how to put these troop together. Figured I would go to their website...   No lucky there either.  Next was a google search.  Here is what I found out.  As far back a 2015 no instructions where ever put in the boxed.    Next I found Turno's Wargaming blog.   On this site he expressed the same problem.  But he emailed Warlords who told that would fixed right way....  Looks like lips service me.   But in Turno's comment there was a link.

   Here you go instructions.

Also you download directly here.  Instructions for assembly


  1. I have a box f Warlord Hessians. They came with instructions, which was good as assembly looks similar. They were very finicky and frustrating to work with. I finished 9 of them for a Sharp Practice group plus leader, but went back to my Perry figures.
    Good luck with these
    Cheers Peter

  2. Peter,
    You are correct about putting the figures together. Last night I assembled all the horses in the start box. Plus Shotte Command troops. Lots of flash on the plastic horses. Thanks for the heads up.