Friday, August 25, 2017

Pikeman Lament part 2 the rescue.

Yesterday Anton and I battled away again. In the first battle I captured Anton's Commander in a Duel.  This was a smart move are Anton's commander skill give one unit a automatic fire without a roll.  This proved to be very bad for me.  But Anton being aggressive moved to close to my commander.  The Duke of Earl issue a challenge for a duel..   The Duke won....  

This lead to the rescue mission for Anton.   Another nail bitter of a battle ensued.  I never rolled dice that bad in a long.  I kept failing my first command roll.   But in the start of the battle Anton's dice where on fire....   In the end I won my the narrowest margin.   The full detail of the battle can be found here The Rescue  Here you will find a excellent account of the battle

I  must say Pike mans Lament is has been an exciting game.  The back and forth of the flow of the fighting is great fun.   The old saying " Live by the Sword. die by the Sword" is true with this game.  It should " Live by the dice, Die by the dice".   The greatest part of the game is who loose 50% of their army points looses. This is what I like a clean cut to who wins.  This put a little extra thought in your command choices.   Hope you enjoy Antons detail AAR. Currently trying to paint up my army. This is my next challenge

Beginning of the end

Victory. Antons commander didn't it to the table


  1. Glad that you like the rules and that they give you fun and entertaining games.

    1. Yes I really enjoy playing this rule set

  2. Looked like a great game, and suitable inspiration for me to get my WSS Spanish theatre project completed!

  3. Glad I could inspire you finish up your project.