Friday, September 8, 2017

Making Tiran 5 out of PCS T55

I believe I can make a Tiran 5 out of the new T55's from PSC.  There is too much to do to make one. Below is a picture of the Tiran 5.

First major modifications of T-55. Additional stowage boxes and jerry cans added to the turret, solid metal front fenders over tracks replaced with half black rubber ones. Loaders hatch replaced with one that opens towards to the rear, not towards the front like the original.
A pintle-mounted .30 cal Browning Machine Gun in front of the loaders hatch and a new antenna mount were added.

First major upgraded of the Tiran 5 and further captured T-55 in the 1970‘s. Most noticeable change was replacing the Russian 100mm main gun with a 105mm rifled license built American M68, which was a licence built British L7 used on the M60 Patton tank.
Recognition of the Tiran 5Sh, the main guns fume extractor is now in the middle of the main gun, not at the end like the old Russian 100mm main gun.

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