Saturday, January 28, 2012

PSC 251/D in work.

Started a box of Plastic Soldiers Company's 15mm 251/D's today.  Still need to work on the photograph. My Cyber-shot does take some great close ups.  Which in this shows a few flaws. The paint I used as Tamiya  paint again.  The Dark Yellow is the color used on the half tracks. The first bas color was right out the bottle.  Than I mixed about four part white to one part dark yellow.  Just bought Life colour paint for Africa.   These will be used to do some 251/C and Britsh sherman I back dates.  Hope to finish this group up before Monday.  Let me what you think..


  1. Hey Gary, what are you using for a wash on the tracks? I have been using Future Floor wax thinned down with water and then colored with acrylic paints, but I am always looking fior new ideas

    1. John, it is the same mixture. Except the I use black ink along with the acrylic paint. Also for some of the highlights for the panel line thinned tamiya black paint. Hope this will help.