Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Converting a Harbor Freight paint pot into a resin pressure tank

I have one almost finished.  Casting resin without pressure pot it not the best.  Most of the time the end casting is a mess.   Harbor Freight sell the paint tank for a reasonable price.  Here are a couple of video on making a Resin casting pressure tank.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Where were you in 1977

Scary. I was in line to Star Wars. At that time I was 29.   Had a one year son. Now I got a 19 yrs Grandson.  Where did the time go.  Also I never thought it was going to take this long to have the complete Star Wars series finished.

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

The ASL Festivus event. 28 Dec 2019

As Posted by our host Fred.

ASL Festivus has passed. We had eight players today. Pj Norton (French) played against Marco Cuenca (Japanese) in J69, Army at the Edge of the World, which went down to the last CC roll for a French win. (1st Picture). Gary Bikar and Guy Flummerfelt got in two scenarios. i didn't catch the first one but the second one was Puma Prowls which they played for the draw. (second picture). You can see David Lamb setting up the second scenario against me. We play GWASL, with Dave winning with the ANZAC forces against my Germans in GWASL 58 Bayonet to Bayonet. Dave then took the Germans against my Aussies in GWASL 56 Determination and Valour. (third picture) The Germans took a beating, not a good day for the men in grey. Mike Fetty took on Matt Keuregian in Matt's return to ASL in ASL T4 Shklov's Labors Lost. Matt won with Germans.
So the Feats of Strength over the ASL game boards went on all day and there was much airing of grievances over the dice rolls. And the pizza was good too. Good times.

As you will see the group is a bunch of spring chickens.   PJ, and Dave have been playing ASL since 1983.  Fred also has amazing knowledge on the rules.  A bright spot is that some of the younger folks are expressing interest in ASL..  

The Festivus Pole is ready for celebrations. Today is ASL Festivus for the rest of us.

Bayonet To Bayonet Pregame. Every hex of rows D-G has a full-strength Smoke counter in it.

Turn 3, after the Smoke had cleared, and a lot of guys on both sides had died in melees. The ANZAC were ahead in winning most of these.

End Game: the trenches have been cleared of the German raiders, but a high price is paid by all. Great GWASL scenario!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Got sucked in to Warfighter by DVG

After watching and hearing my Advanced Squad leader group say great things about the game. I purchased Warfighter WW2.  Easy game no bitching over rules. Or if your shot hit the target.  Plus there is no gaming the rules.   The game can take up to 6 people or Solo the game yourself.  Everything is based on your planning the mission.  If your dice rolling are cold...Well you died.  Everyone is on the same team.     It better to watch the video.   As the guy in video explains the game well.  Enjoy.  If you have played the game.  Post yoour feed back in the comments.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Baby Yoda

Everyone knows that Baby Yoda is the hot item to have.   I printed two of models of baby yoda.  One for my daughter. The other for my grandson.  Needless to say Yoda was a hit.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

How to use Vassal to play on line games

I have tried to use vassal to play a ASL module.  But I got bummed out because I couldn't get it to work.  After screaming at the computer.  Cursing death  on the terminal.  I just quit trying. Stigir just posted this how to video on Vassal.   He gives step by steps to set the computer up.  How to bring in modules and find players online.   Great stuff here.   Grab a drink, some chips. Kick back watch the video.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Another round of Vietnam photos.

Heading into the holidays so posting may slow down here.  Hope these pictures show the history of the brave young man who serviced  in Vietnam.  The majority of us where just out of High School.  Three of my classmate from High School never made it back.   Their lives and futures stopped in 1969.  Most of us Vets are now fathers, grandfathers and few Great Grandfathers.   Many of us are suffering the effects of Agent Orange.   But quite a few of  vets have died from Agent Orange.. God bless all the Vietnam Vets. My brothers in Arms.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Blast from the past.

At one time the only manufacturer of miniatures was Heritage in the US.   They made 28mm ancients, lord of the rings and other 28mm figures.  But they made the best 15mm historical miniatures for the Civil War and Napoleonic's. 

I remember buying a ton of the Napoleonic and Civil Wars 15mm.  That is when I belong to a very active group of historical miniature gamer's.   The rules at the time we used had been written by Scotty Bowden.   Empire 2 and Stars & Bars where the standard.  Along with DBA , ancient rule written by Phil Barker.    I still have my Napoleonic armies in 15mm gathering dust.  Plus more in the packages that have not been painted. The ad is from Dragon Vol 1 issue #5.   Where did the time go by?  Now I'm in my 70's....  But the memories are great. We had great fun battling away.

Thursday, December 12, 2019