Saturday, August 30, 2014

25,000 view

Thanks to all of the people you have looked at my blog.  I know it my not be the best blog.  But I'm trying


Friday, August 29, 2014

Roman unit tactic used by the Korean Police

Found this on TMP.  It is a video of the Korean police using Roman tactic to control a riot mob. Surprisingly it look effective.   At a look and see what you think!

Korean Police using Roman tactic

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Leipzig rules

Rules are very simple and quick.  Email me and I will send you a PDF copy.

Monday, August 25, 2014

AAR of Leipzig with photos. Death of the French

 Opening moves for the Prussians for the attack on the Flanks.  There seemed to be an endless supply of blood thirst Prussians.   With Bulcher shouting kill all the French. 
The Prussians for my defense where coming too me across to rivers.  At this point the Prussian Commander decided to split Massive army into two attacks.  One was to take out the French line and Guard Grand battery protecting the Poles who where in a defense again the Austrians trying to take the bridge.   Pat had his Poles in a death grip with John Austrian sausage eaters.
 The picture about is the intial setup of the French and Poles.   The Poles where lined up between the road.  This give Pat a clear line of fire against the advancing Austrian.  My French main object was to protect the Poles flank.  Plus drive off the Prussian mad dogs along with keeping the town free from the Prussians.
 In the foreground is the French Guard Corp.  The hope they would be able to hold off the Russians as Pat and I pushed back the Prussian and Austrians to keep the escape route open.   The object was to keep the town clear and all the bridges in French control.  Which turned out to be impossible without cavalry support.  That turned out to be in reserve but not called into battle.
 Opening move for the Prussians.  The commander of the Prussians plan was to smash troops to the left of the town.  Than crush the Poles from behind.  The second attack was to take control of the town.   It turns out the town attack became a blood bath for the Prussians.  Most bad dices and moral checks that turned out bad for the Prussians.

 The Prussian commander attacked me head on.  Too my the Guard grand battery pound his troop on the advance causing the Prussian to slow down.  Things where going good for the Prussians. His cavalry smashed my front line and destroy two of the three artillery batteries for the french.   But in the nick of time my Guard lancers crushed his cavalry giving my French some time to reform.
 The Prussian Horde advancing to the town.   The French cheered as they knew the Prussian Dogs where going to get bloody coming across the bridge into town.   Early in the attack the French where able to drive the Prussians back with musket and cannon fire.
 Suddenly his Artillery showed up to support the attack on the town.  Only not to able able to fire at the town because his infantry was in the way.   Luck for the french
 At the top of the picture above the white caps shows the beating the Prussian where take from the Grand battery.  This where the Prussian failed their moral check.  The dice gods where on the side of the French.  The french where on the ropes at  this point my second line could not get into the battle.
 The guy with the white mustache is me.  I'm looking at the chart to realize I just screwed up. Pat is look at the chart saying.  "I think your screwed"  The Prussian where pushed back. The saved my butt.
 This is where the Prussian got push backed.  Too the left the Prussian had pushed across the bridge to the town. The Prussian unit in the river our the first wave of the attack. These units got beat up by the french line and one artillery battery at the foot of the entrance to the town.  Blood was flowing in the river.  But the good part it was Prussian blood.
 Here is the Prussians falling back after a very bad moral roll.  This give my French time fall back to open a field of fire for the medium artillery to pound the retreating Prussians.  At the top of the picture the long white line of  the Guard sausage eaters are coming across the bridge.  Pat's Poles had beaten off the first Austrian Corp.  But the Poles where running out of men and support.  The French young was sent to support the Poles.  But they had a long way to march.

 The rumble in the town,  The Prussian had finally broke into the city.  It was an ugly fight.  The Prussian where on the point of drivng the French out of town.  To the French luck.  I got great dice rolls.  The Prussians did not.  They route complete out the town.  Causing a Battalion moral test the failed.  The French had won a minor victory.  As the Prussian ran away like little girls.  They had been replaced by a Prussian grand battery..   Guess who became the meat in the French bread.
 The turning point for the Prussian and the slow destruction of the Poles.  You can see all the white caps!  They are on the French and Poles.
 Here comes the Prussian Guard cavalry  The Prussian horde is here.  Up to this point the French where only fighting the Advance Prussian Corp.
 The final French defense line.  My hope was to at least pound the Prussian Guard cavalry with artillery fires.  That this point I had to leave.  This was the tenth hour of play.

The grand Prussian Guard cavalry charge.  Or should I say lights out for the French.

Out all it was a great game the commander on the far left flank smashed the Austrians.  Well the Austrian Commander had rolled the dice from hell.   It started off as a battalion morale check that turned in a Corp morale check.  His dice rolled cold....  

Check out Anton's Wargame blog for more AAR reports

Monday, August 11, 2014

Trip to NAS Notfolk

Last week I was down in Hampton Virginia for the 2014 IPMS nationals.  My wife and I took a boat tour of the Naval base and Port.   It is amazing to see the Carrier up close.  Now for some pictures.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

X-Wing solo gaming by Herkbird

Herkbird, Richard Bradley who posts on TMP with a solo rules for X Wing.  I found his post to be very exciting as to being able to play X Wing solo.   He came up with a very simple system that works.   These are free download for most of the fighters in the game.

These can be found at tyneside wargames

If you wish you can follow Herkybirds blog here: Herkybirds Nest