Monday, August 28, 2017

Chain of Command counter

This is from  John Bond's wargaming blog.  This will be my next purchase from Warbases.  All my MDF base I use are from Warbases.  They have outstanding service. Their custom service is second to none I you have any problem.   Their is on my column.  Link to John Bond's Wargame blog


 The Mark V version of  my Chain of Command Tracker has gone into production and is ready to be purchased from  WARBASES, follow the link:
Martin Murray has done a nice job at replicating the Tracker using MDF.

As the majority of Chain of Command games are played with Troops using 5 x D6 Command Dice, the effects of falling Force morale on this Tracker are primarily set to accommodate this. The Tracker does offer modifiers to "effects" so that players may field troops with 6 x D6 or 4 x D6 Command Dice.

Rectangular area  marked "Command Dice" which is obscured by the dice houses up to 6 x 12 mm D6 dice.

Large Dial is the Force Morale dial:

  • monitors the Force Morale of the Troops.
  • left side of the dial helps set your Force's Morale, via a roll of 1 x D6, the results is cross referenced with the "roll number" on the left side of the dial, indicating your Force Morale (Elites and Green troop modifiers are listed bottom left).
  • right side of the dial, lists the effects of falling Morale. (when fielding Elites with 6 x D6 or Green Troops with 4 x D6, modifiers to apply to the effects are listed on the bottom right).
Small Dial monitors the Chain of Command points:
  • records the number of 5's rolled with the Command Dice.
  • once the number 6 on the dial is reached, it is reset to 0 and 1 x Command Dice is accumulated.
Panel on the top left side records the number of Command Dice accumulated.
  • this is achieved by moving the Perspex rod up one notch.
  • once a Command Dice is used the Perspex rod is dropped down one notch.

Amazing 6mm dioramas

Wow, this company makes amazing 6 mm dioramas.   Here is some eye candy to start the week.

More can be found here: History maker

Friday, August 25, 2017

Pikeman Lament part 2 the rescue.

Yesterday Anton and I battled away again. In the first battle I captured Anton's Commander in a Duel.  This was a smart move are Anton's commander skill give one unit a automatic fire without a roll.  This proved to be very bad for me.  But Anton being aggressive moved to close to my commander.  The Duke of Earl issue a challenge for a duel..   The Duke won....  

This lead to the rescue mission for Anton.   Another nail bitter of a battle ensued.  I never rolled dice that bad in a long.  I kept failing my first command roll.   But in the start of the battle Anton's dice where on fire....   In the end I won my the narrowest margin.   The full detail of the battle can be found here The Rescue  Here you will find a excellent account of the battle

I  must say Pike mans Lament is has been an exciting game.  The back and forth of the flow of the fighting is great fun.   The old saying " Live by the Sword. die by the Sword" is true with this game.  It should " Live by the dice, Die by the dice".   The greatest part of the game is who loose 50% of their army points looses. This is what I like a clean cut to who wins.  This put a little extra thought in your command choices.   Hope you enjoy Antons detail AAR. Currently trying to paint up my army. This is my next challenge

Beginning of the end

Victory. Antons commander didn't it to the table

Thursday, August 24, 2017

More on the Thegans of Merica

Looks like I have been painted my Saxon's wrong.   The picture below show the clothing and sword sheath...  Back to the drawing board so to speak.  If you haven't yet, you to need to check out their site.

Looks at the detail of the sword hilt.

Impress leather working of the sheath.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

FlintCon 2018

Okay mark your calendar.   Flintcon will on  Saturday February 3rd, 2018......   Don't miss it folks this is a great con.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Roman roads in England. Some are major highway today.

Found this article in the UK daily.  It is a very interesting article for folks that have an interest in Romans in Britain.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pikes man lament Pt 3 construction

Less say it hasn't been easy assembling the figures.   I was surprised by the amount flash on the miniatures.  Too me it looks like the production mold is wore out.  Every figure had massive flash lines on the figure.  Some showed production mold misalignment.  Another the plastic is very soft and soapy.  On the plus side the face of the figures are very nice.  

For basing I'm using Warbase  3 X 2 for 25mm round base with magnets. If you haven't tried Warbase products I say take a look.   Just had to order more 25mm dia bases as I'm going to run out before I mount all the figures..

The painting also has started on the figures.  So many colors to chose from.   After doing some searching on google the plan is to paint the belts in a leather tone.  I couldn't find any reference to White Belts on the uniform..   Time to get back on the figures.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

M1 Garand Myth the ping.

Lots of  b.s. about the famous M1 clip ping.  The enemy would automatically attack you because your M1 was empty.....  This video explains and busts the myth.  Get your pop corn, beer and sit down for fun.

Next is a link to the debrief on German POW after Normandy.

The deadly ping.

 So if the German player say your out of ammo in the M1...   Well I guess you tell Bulls...t ;)

Games Workshop being sued for 62.5 Million for fraud

Looks like the U.S. store owner may have a good case against Games Workshop

Monday, August 7, 2017

Battle of Quatre Bras at the Claymore Wargames show

This is from one of the facebooks pages I follow.  Had to post these amazing pictures by Chris Johnson. Unfortunately the Show was in Edinburgh  for me..  Enjoy.

The Border Reivers Wargames Society played a demo game at the Claymore Wargames Show in Edinburgh yesterday using Dave Brown's new 'General d'Armee' Napoleonic rule-set. The game was based on the Battle of Quatre Bras-1815, using 25/28mm figures on a 12ftx6ft table.
We used our 'portable' wargames set-up with battle mat and separate fields, roads, hedges etc. Easy(er) to carry around than our usual 2ft square sculpted mdf boards.
The sharp-eyed among you might notice that the hill-slope in the middle of the table is missing compared to the sketch map. It was accidently left in my car when we transferred the scenery to a bigger vehicle (cough!).
Photos from a 'dress rehearsal' of the same battle we played last week are uploaded here: -