Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some more information on IDF uniform's

Thought I would post this on the blog.  One of the reader of my blog sent this information in a email.  This is very helpful to me in painting my IDF troop

Good morning Gary,

Are you still looking for IDF uniform info. I volunteered for logistical support for the IDF in 86-87. I still have my uniform and some photos from then. I will be happy to unearth them if you still need assistance. Not much had changed then from the 70's. Israel has a wonderful way of making things last and retooling kit and vehicles for continued 2nd and 3rd line use. I had worked on and serviced 30 and 50 cal MMG from the 40's, rode in and serviced old US WWII half tracks that were still very operational in the 80's!

The one basic thing I can tell you is that most of the IDF infantry uniforms at that time were made from a very similar clothe and color of our own US Army OD green type fatigues from the 60's. The variation in color is due to the elements and laundering. The tankers jump suit was a slightly brighter or lighter green with the infantry being a standard type of OD green. During the Arab Israeli Wars there are always reservists being called up. These troops have a more motley mix of color variations and kit as their stocks come from old storage, older kit, or directly from the soldiers personal closets and storage cabinets right into battle. A quick stop at the local base and supply depot to muster their units, then issued web gear, helmet, basic kit, rifle and ammunition and to the front lines. So basically for the earlier conflicts you really can't go wrong with different shades of OD green. Active military units will have newer and cleaner looking uniforms and kit, and the reservists will have more worn and faded uniforms and a mix of kit with some newer items added in, just as your photos have shown.

I hope this helps and doesn't make things more muddled.

When I get more photos I will post them here.