Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Easy Eight Rolf Steiner character sheet.

More stuff for Easy Eight Battleground.  This time it is the character stats for Feldwebel Rolf Steiner. Hope to post more soon. If you have anything your interest let me know.  I will try to post it on the blog.

Monday, May 29, 2017

East German NVA Helmet.

The picture should give a modeler a good color reference for painting the helmets on the NVA  troops.  The other photo is of the webbing that was used.  My understand the the light webbing was not used that much.

More NVA vehicles for Yankee team

  These picture where taken at military vehicle rally in Germany a few years back.

Very Late Camouflage  scheme 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

NVA BTR-60 & NVA troops video ( East German)

Amazing what one can find during a google search.  Found this great You Tube video of the NVA BTR-60.  There is so much good info on painting East German Armor and troop.  Here is the video for your entertainment.

Easy way to name your Dwarf Character

Friday, May 26, 2017

Recreation of Saxon, Viking and Romans helmets & clothing

I follow a facebook page that talks about recreating dark ages helmet and clothing.   This is real some amazing recreation. The Helmets just are stunning.   The clothing is a great guide for painting one miniatures.   I think you will agree this inspires one to pick up their brush.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

East German uniforms for Yankee team fans

With the release of the East German army for Yankee team people are wondering what color is the uniform.  Here is what I found on the web.  Great pictures of the uniforms.  SO now get crackin on those troops.

Nice photo of winter camo

Monday, May 22, 2017

War Store... Excellent service. This is why I purchase my miniatures from them!

I can tell this is very true.  My order for some Perry Miniatures has gotten lost in the dark space of the USPS.  The package got as far the Mid Processing and Distribution ctr in NY.   This was way back on the 7th of May.  Next on the track number it shown in transit to destination.  On this date all tracking stopped.  I filed a postal notice for a missing package.  Also took a trip to my local Post office.  Well you can figure it out.   The reply was "Its in the mail...DUH."   Where is it?  Basically the tracking number is useless..   It is a make you feel good deal.

   Now on the Warstore end.   Brianne the Miniatures Goddess came to the rescue.   She just asked me to do a few things to verify the problem.   If the package didn't show to call her.   I did...  Being the Goddess of the Warstore.  Problem fixed the replacement is on the way...   That's it problem fixed...

Package is coming UPS...  The moral is this story.. Make the WarStore your first stop...

Oldsarge approves this message.

Quick Reference unit cards for MWWBK

Found these on another blog "Shed Wars.   Great idea for reference cards.

Link to the excellent "Shed Wars blog":kings-unit-cards

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Oberst Kurt Steiner Character sheet from Easy Eight Enterprises.

Blast from the past.  Character sheet from Easy Eight Enterprises.  Hope to post more soon.  The one I remember was Battlegroup miniature where not the best sculpts.  Some where in the collection of lead I have the Russian assault group.