Monday, May 26, 2014

Old Guard for Project Leipzig ready for review

Have had this troop in their original package unpainted for 30 years.  The Guard is for the old Heritage series.  They where the best at that time.  All that is left it too finished up the command stands..

All comments are welcome.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Austrians for project Leipzig

Here is what I have finished.
8 battery's of artillery
3 battalion's of grenadiers that can be put back in the line unit
7 battalion's of line
1 lancer
1 dragoon + 5 stands
1 cuirass + 3 stands
hussars 5 stands
1 chevaulegre

I have dragoons and curiass in the works. Will count them when their finished.  Back to grinding out the troops. The cavalry takes for every to finish.




Saturday, May 17, 2014

French for Project Leipzig

Now for the French.  Still a work in progress.  Here are the total that have been mounted.

3  Battalions Old Guard
4  Battalions Young Guard
6  Battalions of Light inf
10 Battalions of French line

Polish Corp for project Leipiz

Well been dragging my feet here with pictures.  The Poles are ready for the battle of Leipzig.  According the 12 man battalion for the big game.   I have 25 battalions of 12 figures per.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

100th Post on my Blog. Fresh off the painting table

Just about finsihed up.   The Grenz and Landwehr need their muskets finished up.  But first a coat of the Testor flat finish needs to be sprayed on.   The trooper where replaced by a large pile of Austrian Cavalry.  Next this pile is a 86 Polish Infantry.  Next up will be the Polish Cavalry.  Hope I can get them all finished in time.  Need to start the buildings soon.

The picture didnt come out as well I would of liked.  The gloss makes the photos of the figures not the best.  It a distance they are not bad...

Here for your review:


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Leipzig update 6 May

 Well looks like I survived cinco de    On the painting table is a Austrian Dragoons and Cuirass units.  Their horses need to be finished up.   Infantry some Austrian Grenz about 24 figures.   Landwehr again Austrian 48 figures.   9 French/polish artillery pieces.  

Waiting to be primed and painted, Poles lots of the them.  Good news my 1 x .5 bases from Litko have been shipped.  Looks like Friday of the weekend figures will be based. 

As for the Roman Fort, just haven't got around to take more pictures.   Sunday the plan is to post picture of my Austrians on bases..

Thursday, May 1, 2014

My 28mm Roman Fort came today.

Just before the Leipzig project got kicked off.  I purchased a 28mm Roman Fort from Acheson Creations.  There was a few issues on the delivery being very late.  But it was all solved by instant messaging the Owners on their face book page.  It turned out the molds for the Fort had to be made.   With the that information I have no problem waiting a little longer.   The Wooden Gateway should be coming next week, that is one of the molds that need recasting..

Acheson creations

That a look at they products  both in 15mm and 28mm.   This weekend I plan to post pictures of my Fort..  When time permits I hope to paint them and add terrain bits to the Fort...   Check out the pictures below from Acheson Creations.