Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rumble, rumble the T70's are here..

Here for inspection is my small horde of T70's by Plastic Soldier Company.  The little beasts are fun to build.  The part the take time in the build is cutting off the injection sprues on the tracks.  Believe this problem has been talked about on "The Miniatures Pages".  All in all from removing the parts off the sprues to a complete model about 10 minutes each. 

The T70's where paint using the Russian Armor part set by AK interactive paint set.  The set is called O4B Russian Green Modulation set.  The paint is a little thick to spray for 1/100 scale armor.  This was fixed with a couple of drop of water.  

The Number on the turret came from I-94 products.  These are excellent decals.

Now for the pictures enjoy:

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kursk Tiger in the works

Needed a few Tigers for Battlefield Kursk.   This one in still a work in progress.  Love my airbrush it makes painting the Tiger so much easier.  For a detail review check out Anton's Wargame Blog   Anton did a excellent review.  I had problems with the turret roof on all the models.  There is a gap,I just decided to live with it. Now only three more to finish up.

Hope you like my Kursk Tiger

Tiger, Tiger!! PSC new Tiger

Finished up the PSC new Tigers.  This is the first batch so far.  These are the early production Tiger used in Tunsia.  Decided to make the Tigers from 504th Company.  You will notice they are a Olive green.  The color is based from information posted on "Missing Lynx".  Great Armor modelling site.  According the people posted on "Missing Lynx" these Tiger where repainted Olive Green in Sicily before being shipped to Tunsia.  Plus information from British tanker who fought these tigers up close.  All the veterans state: They where so close I couldn't forget they where painted green.  Besides it is nice to have a different color on the table instead of the normal Afrika Korp Tan.

I used Model Master Olivegrun as a base coat.  After which I highlighted the with Olivegrun and a touch of radome tan to get a lighter tone.  Once the paint dried over night.  The next step was to put a washed on using Mig Products "Brown wash"  The Tiger was sealed with Testers Flat coat.  Hope you like them.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Game On miniature buildings

Thought I would posted a link to this company.  They make some great building in resin and MDF currently.   If your in 1/285 armor battles they make some great items.  Hoping to post pictures soon of my T-70 by PSC.  Nice little tanks for battles in Russia. 

Here is the line to Game On.

Game On

Saturday, December 22, 2012


As you know I use an airbrush to paint my models.  Have been using an airbrush since about 1970. Bought my first one from the original Squadron Shop in Hazel Park, Michigan. That was about a life time ago. The airbrush was a single action Paasche H model.  This airbrush was replaced by an H Model.  In between I just a badger double action that turned out to be a pain in the butt. 

Today I found this site called Don's Airbush tips.  In his blog he reviews a harbor freight airbrush it is the Harbor Freight Deluxe for a whole 22 dollars.  Based on the review I am going to purchase one today.  And some time in the future comment on how it worked out. Below is a link to Don's blog.  Take a look at all the different airbrushes he has tested.


Don's Airbrushe tips

Thursday, December 20, 2012

2013 Releases from Zevzda

[linked image][linked image]
[linked image][linked image][linked image]
[linked image][linked image]

Wow looks at the T-35..  Looks like I will saving up my spare change for these.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Scans of the SDKFZ251 conversion kit

Here are some scans of the New Conversion kit for the SdKfz 251 made by the Plastic Soldier Company.  From the parts of the kit you can make the following:

4 x 251/2 81mm mortar carrier
4 x 251/9 75mm Stummel
4 x 251/10 Pak 37 for the command vehicle.
4 x 251/16 flame thrower carrier.

 Front view

Rear view.

The only bad thing is the large sink hole on the 75mm gun. But that is cause flow of plastic to fill the part.  This is no big deal and just a quick splash of putty will fix.  Can wait to put these on my Half-track.  This will be a big hit for PSC.

I give a must buy 4 1/2 stars out of 5.. 

P.S. they do take paypal and I had ordered these directly from PSC.  It took a 7 days to get the kit to Michigan in the U.S.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Few Panzer F2 models

Hope you like the Pz IV's.  They are  part of my GD division for Kursk.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Stug III conversion finished

Here is some picture of my Stug III F conversion that I started months ago.  The Stug is painted like one used by the Grossdeutschland division in Russia.  I have an Stug III D somewhere on my work bench that just needs to be finished.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

PSC 15mm Shermans

Figured I need to post some pictures.  It has been a while.  PSC Sherman's are easy to build. Now with all the different version one can do a little mixing and match of parts. 

The Sherman where paints with a mix of Tamiya Olive drab(XF-61) and Tamiya dark yellow
(XF-60) at a ratio of 60:40.  This give a pretty good match to the original Olive used on the American Sherman during WW2.    Used this as a base coat which after I added some white to make for the high lights.  The area under the stars where coated with future floor. After the stars dried over night I put another coat over the complete tank. I found this will help cut down on the wear from handling the tank.  Next I put a pin wash over the tank in black.  Follow by weather will mud coat.  The final coat was testors dullcoat.

The above  M4A1 76mm Sherman's are done in the black and olive drab by the 2nd and 3rd armor division for operation cobra. Paint using the same process as discussed early. 

On my work bench are some firefly, M4A3's and some conversion to Mid production with some depot rebuild Sherman.  Hope to have those posted soon..

Monday, July 2, 2012

Amazing stuff with blue broad

My friend Anton has been making all kinds of terrain and vehicles out of blue broad.  I found this blog to with another blogger using blue broad for trenches and bunkers.  See the link below. Looks like blue broard is the gamers best friend today.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My friend Doug Dearth has started to sell his prints on Esty.  He has some really kool sketches of WW1 soldiers at Verdun.  Their are in cartoon form. 

The link about goes to his site.  Check it out. Doug also will do commission work.

Here is the link to his Esty site.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

We Bleedz Green Campaign

Today was the kick off of the Campaign at Anton's place.  But life has its twists and turns. Prior to go to the game had to do some shopping with the wife.  Time to get grocer's for the us.  Things where going fine until my wife mentioned the tire pressure low light had came on. Well there was a reason for it. As I pulled in the driveway, there sat her car with a very flat tire. Had to get the tire fixed so the today's game had to be put aside.

Had big digging through my 40K stuff which I started collect almost 20 years.  Found the perfect figures I had painted long ago.  The mob was ready to roll.  Found one Wartrack, 3 bikes on Ebay. Now have the vehicles for the mob.  Last week I found a Da Roolz on of all place Amazon.  This rule book showed up today in the mail.  Last night on ebay again I won both books for a low price of $9.00.   It was a little disappointing to miss the first day of the campaign. Check out the link to We Bleedz green.. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Blank Dice have arrived.

Back in April I had ordered dice from the Blank Dice company in England.  The dice had not arrived other a period of 25 days or so.  I posted on "The Miniature Page" if anyone had ordered from the Blank dice company.  Everyone said they had excellent service from the company.  Angel Barracks sent me an email via my TMP account.  After explaining the problem of not getting any return emails for the company Micheal of Angel Barracks, he would look into.  In space of several hour Micheal email Wayne about the problem.   Wayne was to email me right way.  A day goes by and no email.  Turns out Wayne had a image attached to the emails.  My spam filter detected the image as spam or a virus.  This caused an auto deleted. Luck would have an email was sent to a yahoo account. There is how I discovered the problem.

Wayne sent me a replace on the 14th of May. The package arrived today.  The original is lost in the postal system somewhere between England and the US.  5 stars to Wayne of the Blank Dice company..  I'm making is a habit of checking my spam filter box.

 Now where did I put the stickers for the dice..  Saga in one step closer...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Muskets & Tomahawk has arrived in the mail.

Just as I feared...  These rules look awesome.  With the rules are a deck of action cards similar to the IASM rules.   The rules cover French and Indians war through to the AWI.  Plus the rule have stats for Hessian's...  In the rules they are Mercenaries.  My mind spins with the thoughts of Rogers Ranger, Last of Mohican's and The Patriot.  The simple battle last for 90 minutes.  No scenario planning is need. The game starts with a terrain generator and the type of scenario..  On I have too many irons in the fire...

I recommend Musket and Tomahawk as buy..

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trojan Wars Saga Variant

Found this Saga variant of the Saga Laboratory section for the forum. My good friend Anton is a huge fan of the Heroic age.  Above is one of the battle broads the is from this Blog:

Rough War (of the Ring)

Just follow the blog. Jamie has include all the status for the warriors in his blog.  Wonder Jamie has include a stat for the Trojan Horse..  Again all comments are welcome.

Saga Units cards

Over on the Saga Forum one of the members has created units cards. These are great help for quick reference during a heated battle.  Below are the links to the units. To get the cards just click on the names.





Enjoy..   Still waiting for my dice to come from England.  Can play saga without the dice..

Monday, April 30, 2012

French and Indians for Musket & Tomhawks.

Thanks for MarkG for the heads up on Conquest Miniature.  They have the perfect miniature for be used for the French and Indian war.  Conquest covers the British, French, Colonists and all the Indian nations. See link below.

It worth the time to check out the link.  I believe I see some purchases in the near future.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Muskets and Tomhawks

Yesterday while trolling E-Bay to find more Saxons for my Saga army. My favorite seller in England had "Muskets and Tomahawks".   In a flash before I knew it I hit the purchase button.  Now I had to find figures for this new game period.  The good new is I am employed again. Thank God for paypal... Married guys will know what I mean :0) 

In the mail yesterday I received my decals for Dom's Decals. Right now I have one Panzer finished and decaled.  Not really to happy with the finish. Hope to get some pictures take today.  As for the Panther I am stilling waiting for the PSC decals to come for the warstore. No decals have slowed my small production line of Armor to a stop. 

Anyone know who makes nice figures for the French and Indian Wars...?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Panther D early version

Okay I have been slow on this one.  The priority for me is to find a job. Well I did in a week I will starting working for GM.  The position is a CAD designer.

Now for the Panther. The old pistol ports had been removed and replaced with smaller ones. As for the other I will make these ports still smaller.  The goal is too make a unit for the Grossdeutschland Division.  Presently I am waiting for Dom's Decals to come in the mail. The Panther needs to be weathers and dirtied up a bit.  More later.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Normans or Bretons that is the question!

Finally got off my butt to take photos.  The paint job on these guys aren't the best. Painted them about 10 years ago. These poor guys have been hidden away in the darkest of basement. Originally I was going to use them for Warhammer fantasy troops.   As I was digging through the mountain of lead miniatures these little guys waved to me.  Hey use us they shouted at me.  Off the shelve of doom they came. 

First thing was to remount them for Saga.  Having bought the base from Architect of war for some Saxon's that are in work.   I removed them from the old square bases.  First was to super glue them down on the new Renedra 25mm base.   Next I super glued some 1 inch fender washes I found at Lowe's Home improvement store.  Okay you are wondering why I did this.  You will see later in the photo's I lined the bottom of the tray with a magnetic sheet. Now the troops won't bounce around.  Now on to the photo's.

One point of Thegns to start my Norman/Bretons unit for Saga.   Next some Hearthguards.

Next Some Crossbow men.  These are all Old glory figures.

Last photos are with the fender washes and the storage tray.