Saturday, June 20, 2015

Live fire with civil war carbines

This video is from the N-SSA spring nationals.   These members are shooting original or replica civil war carbines.   That would be Sharps, Smith and Maynards plus muzzle loading carbines.

The firing line to close to a half mile long. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ellsworth Gun history

Ellsworth gun History

The 20 guns ordered by Lincoln were manufactured by the firm of Goddard, Rice & Co. and sent to Washington D.C. in November 1861. The guns that they sent were four feet long, six inches in diameter at the breech and three and a half inches at the muzzle. It had a one and a half-inch rifled bore with fifteen lands and grooves. Opposing wedges, operated by handle went through the breech of the gun holding the breech - block in place. A truncated cone on the front of the breech-block forces against two tapered rings, to create the gas seal for the breech. (Much like the rings on a piston in an engine.) A handle on the back of the breech–block pulls the block back to break the rings free.

Hits at 600yds with Parrot gun target

People wonder just how accurate civil war artillery was.  Here are some picture of target at 600yd.   10lb parrot gun and ellsworth breech load cannon.   There are 4 shots in the black. With a cluster of three in the center. Total 10 shots fired.

10lb Parrot rifle the round sideways where short shots the bounced in.

Ellsworth gun 600yds. Target 4 X 8 plywood
200yard with 10lb Parrot gun

Ellsworth gun
200yd target fired by Ellsworth gun.  This is my good friend who build the replica. Brian pasted away a year ago.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Iron Druid series of books by Kevin Hearne.

If you like Druids and fantasy this series of books are kick ass.  Nothing like 2000 year old Druid living in Arizona who has werewolf and a vampire for lawyers. Once you stating reading the book you can't put it down.  So grab Hounded and start reading.

Iron Druid