Thursday, April 25, 2019

Gone mad with my 3d printers....

My CR-10 and Ender 3 pro are running 24/7 printing out building.  At the beginning of the month I purchased the Dark Age file set from 3D-terrain out of the Germany.   Jens models have great detail.  Also I have found on thingverse some great modeling adds.    One is a holder for Micro sol and set decal solutions. These bottles are known for falling over.   The solutions are no longer cheap to buy. A fellow modeler point out that this as a great fix.  Next downloaded the file.  Two hours later the holder was printer.... 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

How to make a static grass applicator video

Here is a simple inexpensive static grass applicator you can make.

Psc 1/72 Raupenschlepper - How to double your money

The kit is a very nice set. The only problem is you only can build the tractor or anti-tank tractor.  Boy I hate wasting  plastic.  This just drive my nuts...  Well I got a brain flash, I will same thing as I did with the SU-85/SU-100.  Just add some magnets to hold the lower section with the tracks on.  Just need to do a little grinder away with the Dremel...   Take a look at the pictures.  Now you can have your choice for the battle.  Link to SU-85/SU-100 Double your money SU-85/SU-100

The anti-tank tractor

Added a 5mm diameter magnet to the bottom of the chassis

Locate another on the lower chassis

The tractor chassis with magnet

Assembled tractor

Late world version with slab side.

Front view

Hope you like this simple conversion.  Doubled your models for the table.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Foam board Terrain for the Lord of the rings.

The maker of this video creates some amazing building out of foam broad. But buddy Anton will enjoy this series of video.  As he love making thing out of foam broad.  Enjoy

Monday, April 22, 2019

How to paint stone walls.

How to paint stone walls.

3DAlienWorlds BLOG

<< Assembling the samurai stone walls
Samurai Stone Walls available NOW!! >>

Painting the stone walls

2018-08-28 by David
Just a single picture today... of the progress on the samurai walls!

Very happy with how well they came out after some quick drybrushing and washing.

In case anybody wants to duplicate this rock effect, here is my recipe:

  • Matt black undercoat
  • Medium grey paint (Adeptus Battlegrey) everywhere except crevices
  • Medium beige drybrush (Rakarth Flesh)
  • Light grey drybrush (Astronomican Grey)
  • Brown wash (Agrax Earthshade) on about every fifth rock
  • Dark skin wash (Ogryn Flesh) on about every tenth rock
  • Tiny bit of green wash (Biel-Tan Green) just along the bottom edge, at the bottom of every other rock.
  • Very light white drybrush to finish.

Sounds like a lot of work, but actually is very quick to get through, and gives a great realistic randomness to the stones.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

3d prints of Celtic homes

My latest prints. These where printed on my CR-10.  Out of the box with no fine tuning the prints are very good.  My opinion that this is the wave of the future terrain.  The printer with shipping was a little over 300 dollars.   The problem was that delivery took 30 days.  Plus fedex dropped the package off at the wrong house.  Lucky for me I have good neighbors.

I decided to purchase the Dark Ages package from 3d-print-terrain.  The owner of the shop Jens Najewitz is a great person to deal with.  Excellent communication during and after the purchases.  The series is great for Saga, Dux Britianica and any Dark age rule set. 

Here is a link to his shop :3D-Print-Terrain

How for the pictures. 

Celtic house 1

Celtic house 2

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Saxon Dog face flesh mix

Saxon Dog (David Imrie) is one of the premier miniature painters in the World.  Davic has own line of Scottish knight and warriors.  These among the best sculpts available.   Here is his latest techique for faces.

Painting Flesh in Dave's own words.

I use the Panzer Ace flesh range annd have down for many years, but recently I hanged how I apply it. I mix the shadows flesh with base flesh  50/50 for the first colour. Then I use the base flesh on its own then Highlight flesh into the Base flesh. Lastly I take amount of Highlight flesh and to a very thin line (thin Layer of paint) on the raised areas of the face.  All are applied as thin layers of paint. I a tiny amount of black in the base flesh and highlight flesh and wash the bottom area of the face for an unshaven look.

Panzer Ace paint .

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Never ending quest to paint fresh

Yes I know.. "not another video on painting flesh".   To me it is a never ending quest to get it right.  There nothing like screwing up a painted figure with crappy paint job.  Hope there tip or two that will help paint flesh.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Oriental walls made by Dave-N- daughters

I have been looks for Oriental walls for a long time.  At first I thought I would by the laser cut one. But after choking on the price decided against it.  The other I found Dave-N-Daughters out of Maine.  He has this set on sale currently.   Placed an order with Dave. Within an hour I got a email saying that is would be printing the next day I would have in few days.   Two days go by Dave emails to tell me he wasn't happy with the prints.  Currently the replacements where running on his machine.   Couple go by, Dave emails me, my purchase is in the mail   Plus he put in some lanterns and couple extra pieces.   This was because he felt bad of not making the delivery on time.

Lets say it was worth the wait.   Dave's prints are amazing.  Don't know what 3d printer is he using.  That printer puts out top notch prints.   If you are need any 3d print check out Dave -N- Daughter. Hope to take picture on mine soon.

Dave & Daughters 3d printing

If you have your own printer go :3d Alien worlds

Sunday, April 7, 2019

My first 3d print

Yippee, I did it.   These are the first item I printed on my new CR-10 printer.   Let me tell you it wasn't a cake walk.  I could get the print to stick on the glass.  Had some issue that turned out to be operator error.  Thank god for you tube.  Just coating the glass bed with a thin layer of elmer's purple glue stick...  Bang the PLA stuck. 

Another problem I had was leveling the bed...   Can't repeat the salty language I used.  But hell, it made me feel better.

These prints are my I lovecrafts Romans series.  The Roman building, roads, and  many more awesome items to print.  files can be bought here:i-lovecraft

Enough of my talking.  Here it is my first prints. Roman city walk ways

Friday, April 5, 2019

Viking Mead recipe

Posting for my buddy Anton. Who is spirit is a wild crazy Viking. John you can now make your own mead!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

3d Printing filament types answered.

Currently I'm trying to get two 3d printers up and running.   Right now my Ender 3 Pro has a problem with the Micro Sd card slot.  The slot isn't working correctly it keep chucking out the card.   The video provides some great information of all the types of Filament for a 3d printer   I didn't know the ABS filament puts out toxic fumes!