Monday, July 21, 2014

Battle Front SU-85 and SU-100. Two for the price of one..

 Need SU-100 for my Syrian forces.   The Syrian and Egyptians used these tank destroyer both in the 67 and 73 wars.   The SU-100 with it main gun cause a lot of damage to the IDF armor brigades

The only problem is you can only model 5 complete tanks.  With nice hulls to be throw out.  Being  a bit cheap.  I want to see if I could find a way to used them.  It turned out I need to cut off the exhaust covers on some PCS T-34.

The solution turned out to be a craft magnet strip and 3/4 inch washer.  The washer is what I been using to mount my figures on.

 Washer attached to hull.  Make you position the washer so that the upper can go on easy.  If your a little to far back upper will not fit correctly. 
 J-B Kwik weld is what I used to attach the 3/4" washer.  Test fit the upper hull and the washer should slide in the correct position.
Next cut a piece of the magnetic slip about  1/2 inch long.  Center the strip on the center with the magnetic side on the washer.   Place a little dot of the J-B weld on top of it.  Now put on the top hull.
The strip should end up being centered in the engine bay.
 This what is should look like when the epoxy has set.
 Cut out exhaust  covers from the PCS T-34.  These need to be sanded down to the correct thickness.

 After your down  with this you on have 5 SU-85 & SU-100.

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