Sunday, March 30, 2014

Making a 251/23 half track using PCS model

Like most gamers I know we manage to over buy models.   Being one that can't find where I put a box of tank, troop and etc.  I just buy more....

  This seems to have been the case with Zevzda Sdfk 222.  We all know there little gems are real bear to put together.  Well a bolt of lighting hit me,  why not make conversion using the SDFK 222 turret and PCS 251 half track.   The conversion from start to finish took about 45 minutes.  I wish a lot more projects would be this easy....

Now for the eye candy so to speak.

 Laying out the turret position was easy.  After glue the new top plate. I made a line by centering on the front and rear MG mounting holes.  Next using the photo I found on line the front of turret just barely touches the front of the drivers cab.
 Next step was to drill a hole in the top plate.  Make sure you use a thick piece of styrene for the top. other wise you will crush the top plate.

 A quick paint job. Using Tamiya paints.  There is some work to still be done. Need to put a few more decals on,  some weathering and equipment to be hung off the sides.

If you have any questions or comments please post them..   Enjoy...  HMMM maybe a 75mm pak in the future... ;)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

IDF M48's

Here are some of the M48 for my IDF forces.   These are battlefronts Vietnam M48.  Not being able to find the IDF one in the U.S.  The next choice was the Vietnam ones.  These are for the Yom Kippor  war in 1973.  Need to decal them with IDF marking.  Nice model pretty easy to build. The paint mix you will find a a few pages back.

Now for some pictures.

 I added the turret hatch from some of the spares off the PCS shermans. Surprisingly the hatch assembly was a drop in fit.  The IDF did not like the cupola the was standard on the M48. They felt this exposed the tank commander. 
 Side view of the hatch

 Top view
 M48 with cupola

 photo of M48 in Egpyt 1973

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Great blog Heer 46

Heer 46 specialize is German vehicle after 1945.  Armor that would of fought in battle if the war continue.   He specialize in 1/100 or 15mm .  Currently Heer 46 has produced a number of decal sheets.  One is German names to put on tanks.   I think this is great decal sheet.  Drop by his blog to see more.  Looks like I will be ordering some decals shortly

Check out the blog: Heer46

Here is the link to his web store: Herr 46 Webshop

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Converting PSC M5 into IDF Halftrack in 15mm

Here is what you need to have to convert the M5 into one used by the IDF in the Yom Kippur war.  First item is Battle Front M3 Halftrack Stowage AIS671

Before assembling the M5 you will need to do the following.


 RH window armor removed
 Removed door handle and tiedown handles.  The door
needs to be removed so the decal will not distort. 
Found that out the hard way.
 Side equipment add

 Rear stowage added
Front machine gun installed.

The M5 was painted with Tamiya paints. The mix is 
 33% XF-57
33% XF-59
Desert Yellow
33% XF-20
Medium Grey

  I got this mix of a IDF modeling sight.  This according the modelers there
   is the correct mix for the 73 war. Decals are for Battle front sets.  Need to paint the front roller     black. 

There are few more things to be painted before the M5 is ready for gaming table. Mud flaps, gas cans on the sides of the hood need to be added and the machine guns.  The books I used for reference are Israeli Half-track Vol 1& 2 by Tom Gannon.   The Halftracks after the Yom Kippur war where upgrade along with many changes where made to the interior.  The big visible change was the mount of the fuel track outside of the vehicle where the rear stowage is on.