Sunday, March 16, 2014

IDF M48's

Here are some of the M48 for my IDF forces.   These are battlefronts Vietnam M48.  Not being able to find the IDF one in the U.S.  The next choice was the Vietnam ones.  These are for the Yom Kippor  war in 1973.  Need to decal them with IDF marking.  Nice model pretty easy to build. The paint mix you will find a a few pages back.

Now for some pictures.

 I added the turret hatch from some of the spares off the PCS shermans. Surprisingly the hatch assembly was a drop in fit.  The IDF did not like the cupola the was standard on the M48. They felt this exposed the tank commander. 
 Side view of the hatch

 Top view
 M48 with cupola

 photo of M48 in Egpyt 1973

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