Thursday, July 31, 2014

D & D and Critical hits pod casts.

 I found this site with pod casts with an on going 4th edition D&D campaign.  After the first few episode I was hooks.  The people are fun to listen too.  The Game Master make the campaign fun. Plus he keep the players on their toes.   The pod casts can be found here:Critical Hit.   To date there are 259 pod casts. They run from a 50 minutes to almost three hours.   Some adult humor but not offensive.

This brought back memories for the late 80' to early 90's of a group I played with.  The group did a mix of Orient D & D, regular D & D and warhammer battles.  I had a blast and sure miss the fun.  In the normal D&D I was a cranky Dwarf.   Who loved beer and pick fights.   His name was Bud Light...   HHMMMM  sound like a beer.   All most in the group was a male rogue, female elf,a Paladin and Warrior.  Being a normal Dwarf in character I would always make smart comments about Elfs.  The young lady playing the Elf would in turn dish the dirt back at me.    Boy do I miss those days.

Now I have discovered Pathfinder.  The plan is to get my 13 yrs grandson interested.  I hope to get him away for the DS which he is glued too.  Plus at a later date get him interested in historical gaming.

Where did I put my miniature of Bud Light..   AH the memories.

Let me know what you think of Critical Hit...enjoy.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pictures of Leipzig battle

Here is a link to pictures of the big battle:

Anton's wargame blog

 Defending the town
 Pushing back the Prussians
Our flank to defend

Monday, July 21, 2014

Battle Front SU-85 and SU-100. Two for the price of one..

 Need SU-100 for my Syrian forces.   The Syrian and Egyptians used these tank destroyer both in the 67 and 73 wars.   The SU-100 with it main gun cause a lot of damage to the IDF armor brigades

The only problem is you can only model 5 complete tanks.  With nice hulls to be throw out.  Being  a bit cheap.  I want to see if I could find a way to used them.  It turned out I need to cut off the exhaust covers on some PCS T-34.

The solution turned out to be a craft magnet strip and 3/4 inch washer.  The washer is what I been using to mount my figures on.

 Washer attached to hull.  Make you position the washer so that the upper can go on easy.  If your a little to far back upper will not fit correctly. 
 J-B Kwik weld is what I used to attach the 3/4" washer.  Test fit the upper hull and the washer should slide in the correct position.
Next cut a piece of the magnetic slip about  1/2 inch long.  Center the strip on the center with the magnetic side on the washer.   Place a little dot of the J-B weld on top of it.  Now put on the top hull.
The strip should end up being centered in the engine bay.
 This what is should look like when the epoxy has set.
 Cut out exhaust  covers from the PCS T-34.  These need to be sanded down to the correct thickness.

 After your down  with this you on have 5 SU-85 & SU-100.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

IDF M113 getting closer for battle

This was another project that was put on the back burner for the Leipzig Project.   The pictures arent the best.  Again the weathering is almost finished.  Didn't have an tamiya smoke paint for the diesel exhaust stains.   The exhaust tube on the side of the M113 is made from # 48 guitar string. The string comes pretty close to what the tube looks like.  Now I got ten more to do.  A command vehicle and 3 mortar carriers.   After this the plan is to MERDC camo for my future Germany skirmish.

 Added a Peter Pig IDF trooper to the vehicle.  Looks like he will work.

 View with guitar spring bend to look like the exhaust cover used by the IDF

All comments are welcome.  Hope you like my model...

Part 2 BMP-1 Painted

Painted the BMP-1 yesterday early in the morning.   The camo pattern is a soviet three tone that was used both by the Syrians and Soviet army.  Why this paint scheme you say?  Easy I bought Khurasan  70's soviet troops.  There is a plan float around to do some skirmish battles in Germany 50's, 60's or 70's.   Enough of dreaming about the future projects back to the BMP-1.

                                 The paint set I use is Mig Ammo's new Modern Soviet set.

   The BMP in the middle is the color scheme I picked
 The color use A.MIG-055, A.MIG-059 & A.MIG-056.  Found out if you add a couple of drops
of plain tap water the paint will flow better.  The water made it so I could spray fine lines
       BMP-1 with three tone paint scheme.   Used Migs Afrika Korp washed. Next the rust is any a Mig product.  This are much more easier to work with than mixing your own colors.  The tracks are paint using Tamiya Hull red.

There is some mud applied to the hull.  This product is from Game Workshop 40K weathering product.  The mud matches European mud pretty well.  Later in the week the plan is to finish muddying up the road wheels.

Hope you like what you see.  Comments are welcome.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Leipzig the battle

The battle was fought on the 5th of July.  On my sector I had a grand battery and a town to defend.  The Prussian's were attacking on my front. Lucky for me they couldn't deploy their full strength at one time.  The right flank was block by a river and several bridges.

I was able to wear them down thanks to the grand battery awesome fire power.  By the time the Prussian Infantry made contact with my French they were pretty well worn down.  Brad's poor dice throws caused his troops to route back.   This give me a chance to retire my battalions to a better position to open their field of fire.  Too my bad luck as I was retiring his cavalry units attacked my forward artillery unit causing me to loose them.  It this point I couldn't use the grand battery as do to the fact my troops had become in the line of fire. 

At this point I which over to bombard the Russian grand battery of medium guns.  My heavy artillery pieces smashed his medium out of action.  After clearing the Russian battery from the field I was able to bring my few units of French guard cavalry to attack and drive off the Prussian cavalry.  In the process one of French battalions became split because them to route from the field to regroup. 

Now to the battle in the town the Prussians had been routed several times in the front of the town. But we had superior number in troops.  They just kept coming in wave attacks.   Finally they did get into the city. This turned in a bloody back and forth fight.  But Brad's dice failed him again at  critical time.  This caused a complete route of the Prussian force attacking the town.  It turn out good for Brad.   Why you say, it allowed him to build a grand Prussian battery in front of the town.  My troops at this were spent.  And could not advance out of the town.  To my left flank Pat with his poles was fight a huge battle against the Austrian stream roll.   Pat had good rolls and pretty well destroyed the 1st Austrian corp.  Just as we thought we had beaten off the Austrians.  Their guard corp showed.  These troop were run by John of Anton's wargame Blog.  Pat and I have become the meat in the Prussian & Austrian sandwich.    Later after a valiant effort Pat Pole's got crushed by the weight of the Austrian Guard corp.

Back to my front I had pushed back the Prussian infantry to just outside my grand battery.  I thought with was good we have a chance to win!   NOOOO...  The Prussian massive Guard cavalry corp showed up.  With a clear field to change it spell the doom of French weaken infantry brigades.  There is nothing like a massive Cavalry Corp charge..   We the French fought hard and long.  In the end we where driven from the field.

 anton's wargame blog  will have picture up shortly.  As I had a case of C.R.S (can't remember shit) an forgot my camera.

I will be posting more pictures of my freshly painted troops.  Now back to the 73 war.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Khurasan BMP1 review

  In the middle of my mad rush to finish painting my troop for the big battle.   I received my BMP's and mid 70's russian troops from Khurasan in the mail.

The BMP's are really little beauty's.  The models are cast in the normal light blue resin the Khurasan used.  The turret is cast metal along with all the hatchs.

 The BMP model set. It is composed of cast metal turret, missile and hatch. The main body & tracks are cast out a soft blue resin.

 The main hull of the BMP-1
 The tracks is a problem area. There is no way to attach the road wheel to the hull. As you can see the tracks are distorted some what.  But the fix is easy.

 On the side of the hull is a depressed are or for a lack of better words a channel. This area needs to be filed square.

 Next super glue these white styrene strip to the hull.
 The strips can be bought at your local hobby shop.  Attach the .060 thickness to the hull as shown above. The strip length is 1 3/4 inches long.   Glue the upper part of the track assembly to the hull with a thick slow clue super glue.  This will give you a little time to position the assembly to the hull.  Let cure.
 Next with the thin super glue. Squirt the glue between the road wheel and the styrene strip.  Now the  important part align road wheel and track up the like in the photo.  Be sure the track is flat.
 Another picture showing the styrene in place with the track glue in place.

 Turret here another small problem.  The hatch is just a bit to small.  But I got it to fit. Take your time here otherwise the hatch will fall into the open.  The attachment of the missile is tricky best way to attach it with the use of super clue quick set spray.  Last the commanders hatch is too small and falls into the hatch opening.  I will be putting in styrene post in order not to have the hatch fall in.

 Completed BMP-1
 Over the model is nice. Plus being the best BMP in 15mm scale.

In the near future I plan to post pictures on the painted model.  This BMP opens up what if battles in Europe in the 1970's and 1980's.

Thanks for reading the review

The battle of Leipzig

On the 5th of July the group I played with fought the battle.   Currently waiting for picture one of the guys took.   I had left my camera home.

The final out come was the French lost after a valiant battle.   Also because the over commander forgot to call up the French guard  cavalry...Ouch...

Friday, July 4, 2014

Computer crash and happy 4th of July

Looks like added pictures will be on hold for a bit.  My sons is coming by to sort out what happened.  It same during a infamous  Micro soft update my user profile got wiped out...  OH joy.  I managed to get the computer running but now it is a network.  ARRRGGGGGH!

Happy 4th of July..