Monday, March 26, 2012

The saga addiction continues

After digging through my mountain of completed and unpainted figures.  I discovered I had a Norman warband. The Kite shields are not the best.  May have to order some from Gripping Beast.  Hope to get a some pictures up soon.

The other projects are moving a long. The Panther "D" is painted, just needs to be weathered. Completed some Panzers IV F2's painted in a Gray and Tan for the Russia Front.  The early Stug III F is ready to be primed.  These have been on the back burner so to speak. I was waiting for the decal order from Dom Skelton.  They arrived today in the mail.  Need to post them. If you want some outstanding decals for 15mm Dom is the place to get them.

Here is a link to the saga forum. Amazing the amount of homebrew battle broads.  These broads cover the Samurai, Crusader, the Trojan Wars and more.  Check out the Broad.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stug III internet site

 Haven't been working on my stug's as of late.  The search for employment has put some of my modeling on the back page so to speak.  Here is a great site on Stug's the site is called "Sturmgeschutze vor".  Great info on Stug, units and tips on painting them.  Take a look.

The Saga battle I played at Pro or Con

Check out the link below.  Anton took great photos of the epic battle.  I was the Viking Warlord in this skirmish. His explanation of the battle is perfect.

Enjoy, my 1st point of saxon are being painted now.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saga .. I"m hooked.

Today I attended the Pro  and Con gaming convention in Dearborn Michigan.  The one game I wanted to play was Saga.  Late last year I purchased the rules.  After reading them I want to play them but as life goes no time to play.  Well today I played Saga.  Yes, the game is exciting, fast and bloody.   Playing the Vikings (me) vs the Saxons I thought for sure I would be the victor..   The gods turned their backs on me. The dice where cold as ice.  While the Saxon player could not round any but 5 & 6.   The Saxon had bloody me badly.  I lost!!  It was fun and I enjoy the game.   As soon as I got home I primed my saxons. They are ready for paint. As soon as I get some painted I will post photos.

 The Panthers are in the process of being painted.  At the con I bought more decals from I-94. Those decals scan will be posted.  Dave from I-94 is making some new decal in 15mm. They will be for the Italians.  Plus he has reprint the red with white outline number for the Germans.  Those should be ready for sale by the end of the week. 

Off to surf the internet for more Saxons to buy.  Saga has got me hooked.  Oh Anton took photos the battle.  Keep an eye on his blog.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Found this site for Paper Models

Interesting Blog, there are so many free paper models.  Buildings, vehicle and more. If you have a chance check the site out.  There could be a paper model you could use.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

some Panzer III

Plastic Soldiers Company's Panzer III are great models.  I have build Zevzda Panzer III late last year.  PSC Pzr III is a far better model.  These are base of a magazine I bought several years ago.  Had planed to make a 1/48 scale.  The scheme is sometime in 1942. 

The article from the magazine showed that on the top of the turret was cross or a swastika in a white circle.   All I need to find is red numbers with an white outline. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Check out Anton's Blue trench

Talk about some amazing work.  Anton has created some great trenches for his up coming WWI campaign.

Making a Panther D model.

The plastic soldier company Panther is a great kit.   The only problem is it doesn't make a correct early D model.  The turret needs a little work. 

The using the drawing above as a guide.   The following has to be done. A two pistol ports, two ports for removing the shell case. This is the large round port on the side. and one on the rear of the turret opposite the escape hatch.

Looks like I need to redo the pistol ports.  They are a little oversize.  Also I the top view you will need to remove the grenade launcher to the right side of the turret hatch.  This is an easy way to back the D model.   Again comments are welcome.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

STUG III F continued

Added some photos of the STUG III F that are finished.   Found some FOW Jerry cans to add to the STUG.  Most of the pictures I have or found on line show the rear deck covered with all kinds of supplies and Jerry cans. 

I added some MIG dirt on the side of the hull by the tracks.  Did this to make the STUG a little more realistic.  The decals are are from I-94 which is listed on the side bar.

The picture about are the Early STUG III F with the later STUG III F/8. The early model was based on the Panzer G.  Plus the engine cover laid out is different.  In the lower picture is the early vision slot with the two round  periscope openings.  Again this was take from the spare parts on the Panzer III kit.  After centering the vision slot.  I had to add some styrene on the end.   The machine opening was filled with Super glue.  This is the gap filling type.

Hope you like the post.  All comments are welcome.   Next will be any early Panther..

Stug III surprise

My friend Anton had challanged me to make a Stug IIIE.  Well here it is..
Used the rear deck of the Panzer III. The short 75mm
gun is from the Panzer IV set.
Front view.

 What I did is simliar to the Early STUG IIIF.  But for making the E model the upper structure had to changed.  I may make a mold to make some more upper hull.  Think next ones I make I will use the Panzer III kit. This way I won't have to modifiy the lower hull. As one can see it is an easy conversion.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Napoleonic Wargamer

Hope to have some picture up soon on my Stug III.  The Stug III E with the short 75mm gun is almost finished.  Need to make the vision slot in front.  Plus I have a mystery stug also. 

Found this sight a while back.  In the vast pile of  wargamer stuff are some French Hussar (Perry Brothers plastic).  Looks like a found away to Sabretache and saddle rolls.