Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

3d printed Citadel paint bottle holder

 The other day I found this file of Thingiverse.   Talk about a paint saver.  We all know the container is a pain in the ass not to spill over. I decided to get it a try. The stl file was ran through the cura 4.7 splicer program.  I use a variant splicer file was from Fat Dragon games.  The total time of the print was 3.5 hours.

How to paint with tremors. Yes we are getting old

 Being 72 years old I can relate to video.  I get the shakes once in  while.  Terrianosaur gives us solutions. Get your favorite beverage. Relax and watch.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Club Glasgow Warhog Targe2019 "Battle for Barrikaddy factory"

 Here an amazing game table in 28mm 3d printed buildings and armor.  The group as one can see by my heading is based in the beautiful city of Glasgow.  Unfortunate Covid stopped our trip in Aug. We will try again next year.  WE ask talking about staying in Glasgow or York for a couple of week. Now for the good stuff.

our table is Stalingrad, the Barrikaddy factory. It's the biggest we have ever done 12 foot X 6 playing surface. Players taking there places for a busy day. Russians on the left, Germans (early war and engineers) on the right.

Complete AAR here:

The Russians (top of pic) are facing two Stugs at each end of the table, two Sig 33 open deck, a Nebelwarfer, and Pz4 in the middle, a covered Sig 33, and a  Pz4 at the power station/crane end(right of picture).

Russians have two Kv,s, three war thunder rocket launchers,  a Gaz truck mounted 75mm., and an anti tank gun.

There are also lots of prime movers and transport.Including Famos, opal blitzes, Gaz trucks etc. etc.With about 200 troops per side.

All vehicles are  3d prints (except two), all lathes, mills and window frames for large factory etc. All building are scratch built apart from three kits which were completely re done. Approx. 6,000 bricks cut from matchsticks.painted, paper pictures of corrugated iron was pasted to cardboard and edges painted. Cork was also painted ad used to add to the rubble look. All walls are covered in paper brick and floors had paper concrete applied. 3 Deep Cut mats were used. Troops are all on clear bases (for go anywhere).

Some Napoleonic eye candy

 Everyone loves good picture of a Napoleonic battle.  I love the wonderful figure that painted with great detail.  Hope these picture will brighten your day in these depressing days of confinement .