Monday, August 19, 2013

T34s by different manufactures

I have purchased T34s from Battlefront, Forged in Battle and PCS. 

Here is how I rate them:

1) Forged in battle.  Very nice and lots of detail.
2) Battle Front.  Not bad models but lack detail.
3).  PCS.  Not the best but okay.  Plus I have a ton of them.

Forged in Battle T34's
These are early T34 with add on armor

 Battle Front T34

Very early battle front T34

The PCS T34 I need to find what file I put them in..  Looks like I need to purchase some Forged in battle T34/85'd

Sunday, August 11, 2013

BA-64 armor car

I won these little armor cars on Ebay.  Trying to round out my Russians forces.  The plan was to use them with the Battlefront Kursk rules.  But now that I own Bolt Action rules. Plus coming soon Chain of command from two fat lardies.   The problem now which rule set to 

The BA-64s are painted with Tamiya colors.   The base color is XF-58 Olive Green. The highlight is a mixture of XF-58 and XF-4 Yellow green.  Start olive green and add the yellow green until the shade looks right to you.  2 to1 olive green is a good start.  The black lights are my own mix of the Future and a black Acrylic paint.   To make it flow a little best add a little water.

Now for the pictures.

All comments are welcome.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

More KV's

These are the early model KV-1 with the early 76mm main gun.   Fun to build. Anton did an excellent review of  the kit.

Here is the link

The Russian Monster KV-2 with 152mm gun

 Zevzda released these beasts early in July.   The kit is another easy to build model.  It took less than 10 minutes to assemble.  These tanks stuck fear into the German Panzer Corp. Can't imagine  rolling into a Russian village to find this Monster parked at the cross roads in the center of the village.   One picture I recall is of a KV-2 with it turret peppered with 50mm shells stuck in it.  The Germans use these tanks until the end of the end.  One photo showed a KV-2 in defense of a factory in Germany again the US Sherman's.. Wonder what the Sherman tankers thought.  :(

The KV-2 still need some weathering.  Got to find my formula for mud. This tank just begs to cover in mud..

Hope you like them