Sunday, June 24, 2012

My friend Doug Dearth has started to sell his prints on Esty.  He has some really kool sketches of WW1 soldiers at Verdun.  Their are in cartoon form. 

The link about goes to his site.  Check it out. Doug also will do commission work.

Here is the link to his Esty site.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

We Bleedz Green Campaign

Today was the kick off of the Campaign at Anton's place.  But life has its twists and turns. Prior to go to the game had to do some shopping with the wife.  Time to get grocer's for the us.  Things where going fine until my wife mentioned the tire pressure low light had came on. Well there was a reason for it. As I pulled in the driveway, there sat her car with a very flat tire. Had to get the tire fixed so the today's game had to be put aside.

Had big digging through my 40K stuff which I started collect almost 20 years.  Found the perfect figures I had painted long ago.  The mob was ready to roll.  Found one Wartrack, 3 bikes on Ebay. Now have the vehicles for the mob.  Last week I found a Da Roolz on of all place Amazon.  This rule book showed up today in the mail.  Last night on ebay again I won both books for a low price of $9.00.   It was a little disappointing to miss the first day of the campaign. Check out the link to We Bleedz green..