Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rumble, rumble the T70's are here..

Here for inspection is my small horde of T70's by Plastic Soldier Company.  The little beasts are fun to build.  The part the take time in the build is cutting off the injection sprues on the tracks.  Believe this problem has been talked about on "The Miniatures Pages".  All in all from removing the parts off the sprues to a complete model about 10 minutes each. 

The T70's where paint using the Russian Armor part set by AK interactive paint set.  The set is called O4B Russian Green Modulation set.  The paint is a little thick to spray for 1/100 scale armor.  This was fixed with a couple of drop of water.  

The Number on the turret came from I-94 products.  These are excellent decals.

Now for the pictures enjoy:

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kursk Tiger in the works

Needed a few Tigers for Battlefield Kursk.   This one in still a work in progress.  Love my airbrush it makes painting the Tiger so much easier.  For a detail review check out Anton's Wargame Blog   Anton did a excellent review.  I had problems with the turret roof on all the models.  There is a gap,I just decided to live with it. Now only three more to finish up.

Hope you like my Kursk Tiger

Tiger, Tiger!! PSC new Tiger

Finished up the PSC new Tigers.  This is the first batch so far.  These are the early production Tiger used in Tunsia.  Decided to make the Tigers from 504th Company.  You will notice they are a Olive green.  The color is based from information posted on "Missing Lynx".  Great Armor modelling site.  According the people posted on "Missing Lynx" these Tiger where repainted Olive Green in Sicily before being shipped to Tunsia.  Plus information from British tanker who fought these tigers up close.  All the veterans state: They where so close I couldn't forget they where painted green.  Besides it is nice to have a different color on the table instead of the normal Afrika Korp Tan.

I used Model Master Olivegrun as a base coat.  After which I highlighted the with Olivegrun and a touch of radome tan to get a lighter tone.  Once the paint dried over night.  The next step was to put a washed on using Mig Products "Brown wash"  The Tiger was sealed with Testers Flat coat.  Hope you like them.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Game On miniature buildings

Thought I would posted a link to this company.  They make some great building in resin and MDF currently.   If your in 1/285 armor battles they make some great items.  Hoping to post pictures soon of my T-70 by PSC.  Nice little tanks for battles in Russia. 

Here is the line to Game On.

Game On

Saturday, December 22, 2012


As you know I use an airbrush to paint my models.  Have been using an airbrush since about 1970. Bought my first one from the original Squadron Shop in Hazel Park, Michigan. That was about a life time ago. The airbrush was a single action Paasche H model.  This airbrush was replaced by an H Model.  In between I just a badger double action that turned out to be a pain in the butt. 

Today I found this site called Don's Airbush tips.  In his blog he reviews a harbor freight airbrush it is the Harbor Freight Deluxe for a whole 22 dollars.  Based on the review I am going to purchase one today.  And some time in the future comment on how it worked out. Below is a link to Don's blog.  Take a look at all the different airbrushes he has tested.


Don's Airbrushe tips

Thursday, December 20, 2012

2013 Releases from Zevzda

[linked image][linked image]
[linked image][linked image][linked image]
[linked image][linked image]

Wow looks at the T-35..  Looks like I will saving up my spare change for these.