Monday, September 29, 2014

Review of Republican Romans Mid to Late

Instead of writing a review about Warlords Republican Romans here is a link to a great article. The article of from At the Mountain of lead.  Doc Remington has written a very in depth review.  Enjoy and check out this blog!

At the mountain of lead:Republican Romans

Doc Remington's amazing Republican Romans

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rome is raising Part2, Warlords Republic Romans

Just finished up painting two boxes of Warlords Republic Romans. I tried a new style of painting the faces.   Tried ink this time as a wash.  I figured it was time to try something different.  

The Roman's are mounted on Warbases 20mm diameter bases.  The movement tray is their Impetus 120 x 60mm MDF try.  After trying to decide what or how to base them, which tends to drive one mad.  The Impetus style won.  Being a ten men unit it will work with Hail Caesar, Dux Britanniarum and possible for chain of command.  Casualties can be removed with little trouble.  Also I can use the figures as single base for Saga or skirmish battles.

Next is to finish the painting of the belts and shield.  Next up will be the new Victrix Romans and
Carthaginians.   I have like this period of history.  The armies are pretty well matched to fight each other.

Need a little help the Velites.  What would be good colors for their clothing,

One stand of Romans


War base Impetus 120 x 60mm stand

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rome is raising.

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Big Red Bat Cave.  Simon just does amazing work with his Romans.  Because of his blog I have been fired up to work on Romans.  I have a large hoard Romans laying around.  Some are from the early 90's.  Half painted and stuffed in a box.   The past piece of the puzzle has been bases.  That has been solved with the purchase from War Base.

Images from Victrix.  I have just started assembling these miniatures.   Looks like I will be buying a Carthaginians in the very near future.  These are the armies that got me into war gaming 40 odd years ago.  Before we had children. 

Good news

My last box of Republic Romans came in the mail.   Steve at Victrix responded quickly with the shipping details.  It turned out that the Post Office ha gotten the package separated.

The Martin from War Base has already shipped my new 20mm round bases to replace the over sized ones.

Both company's provide excellent service.  Have no fear from buying their product.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Warbases reply.. Amazing service

Here is their reply

Thanks for contacting us.

Unfortunately we have discovered that we had a faulty batch of 20mm bases but we couldn't determine which customers were the unfortunate ones to receive them.

We will dispatch replacement correctly sized 20mm bases to you as soon as possible.

Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.



Okay folks have no fear dealing with warbases or Victrix.  Both company's provide excellent  customer service.

Victrix reply on order.

Steve of Victrix sent this reply.  Looks like the postal service is a bad guy.  I looked at the box and in the is 1 of 2..  Hope to post some picture.  The New Romans are really nice.....  Steve reply came just after I posted on the blog.

When we send the 4 box deals we can get 3 boxes in our large packing box and
we send the extra box separately. You should have had both packages at the
same time but maybe they have been separated at the postal depot or USA
customs. Give your single box package a bit longer as it has been sent.

Best regards,


Problem with orders.... ARGGGH!!

I just received my  Republican Roman Army deal from Victrix on Monday. On opening the box I had received only 3 of the 4 boxes.  I emailed them with no answer so far.  I didn't even get an invoice.  In the past I had orders British troops, an Austrian Army.  All arrived as ordered. Will post an up date when I get a reply..

Next my order can from Warbases.  They make excellent MDF movement tray and bases.  I ordered 20mm diameter movement trays with 20mm round bases.   OOPs the round bases won't fit in the 20mm movement trays..  I hope I didn't screw up on the base size.   I may have to have a fire sale on bases.. Good news Warbases sent me an immediate reply.  5 stars for them.

Not a good day for me... My Romans troops will be placed in a box until I get the correct bases..

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shogun miniature metal bases

Found Shogun Miniature on the internet. The company makes steel movement trays, metal bases and magnetic bases.   We all struggle with moving our miniature around on the table during a battle.  I have created my bases using magnetic strap I found at Hobby Lobby.  These work fine with my 15mm troops.  But not as good as with my 25mm troops.

With the 25mm I been using Warhammer movement tray. These are great but troop keep falling out of the tray.  Shogun looking like the answer for Black powder era troop.  Why you say. Because they have been mounted.  I bought 40mm X 40mm MDF bases from Warbases in England.  As matter of fact I have a large order coming in the mail for my Saga troop and ancients. Here is the link to the company. The trays and bases are sold in inch or metric size.  How all I need to do is sit down and figured out what I need.

Shogun miniatures metal bases

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hurrah power is back

 The power is back on,  I ended up purchasing a generator.  If I hadn't my basement would of flood. Currently I working on back sump pump that runs off city water pressure.  We where to go on vacation but the storm killed that.

Good new all my models and figures are safe...  Now back to painting.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Terrible Storm and No power

Yesterday, here in Chesterfield Michigan I battered by a Terrible storm. The wind got up to 75 miles per hour.   The Lower Eastern part of the state has power problems.   Currently 365,000 people are out of power.   Not sure or when will the power will be back.  Had no choice to purchased a generator.  Otherwise my basement would be flooded.  Hand bailing the sump just doesn't work. 

There will be a delay on postings for a  few days..

storm in Michigan

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Saga Crescent & Cross

Could not resist this new Rule set.   Maybe I will play them.  The last time I tried it didn't turn out well with the group.  Some just didn't follow the rules.  The hope was a campaign.  But it never appeared.   Saga to me is an exciting game.  Because the out come is never the same.

On ebay I follow a set of awesome measuring sticks for Crescent & Cross.  I hurriedly hit the purchase button.  Yesterday they should up on my door step.  They are just amazing.  The detail is like art work. The company is called Krakenskulls.   These like I said earlier can be found on Ebay or my the online site listed in the picture.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Star War Clone trooper anyone

Found this in the Dakka Dakka blog site.  They were made by Develain. He convert these from 40 k Elder models.  Good news he has them for sale.   Amazing work!

For more on these troopers check out his blog. The link is below...

Clone Trooper

Monday, September 1, 2014

40K fans here is a great blog and company

Over a year Anton had a 40K game going it was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately for me work got in the way for me to play in the game as often as I could.  The artillery piece is from  : Bits of war.
  If your into 40K this company has what your looking for

It’s time to bring out a couple of big guns from Kromlech in today’s review. We’re building the Orc Field Cannon, the Orc Howitzer, and also some Goblin Artillery Crew to go with them. These kits fit nicely into the WW2 Orc theme that Kromlech produces a lot of miniatures for, but we also think they’ll make great alternative models in a Warhammer 40k Ork army (as Mek Gunz with Gretchin Crew), or in another post-apocalyptic setting.

40 K site