Monday, September 1, 2014

40K fans here is a great blog and company

Over a year Anton had a 40K game going it was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately for me work got in the way for me to play in the game as often as I could.  The artillery piece is from  : Bits of war.
  If your into 40K this company has what your looking for

It’s time to bring out a couple of big guns from Kromlech in today’s review. We’re building the Orc Field Cannon, the Orc Howitzer, and also some Goblin Artillery Crew to go with them. These kits fit nicely into the WW2 Orc theme that Kromlech produces a lot of miniatures for, but we also think they’ll make great alternative models in a Warhammer 40k Ork army (as Mek Gunz with Gretchin Crew), or in another post-apocalyptic setting.

40 K site

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