Tuesday, March 6, 2012

STUG III F continued

Added some photos of the STUG III F that are finished.   Found some FOW Jerry cans to add to the STUG.  Most of the pictures I have or found on line show the rear deck covered with all kinds of supplies and Jerry cans. 

I added some MIG dirt on the side of the hull by the tracks.  Did this to make the STUG a little more realistic.  The decals are are from I-94 which is listed on the side bar.

The picture about are the Early STUG III F with the later STUG III F/8. The early model was based on the Panzer G.  Plus the engine cover laid out is different.  In the lower picture is the early vision slot with the two round  periscope openings.  Again this was take from the spare parts on the Panzer III kit.  After centering the vision slot.  I had to add some styrene on the end.   The machine opening was filled with Super glue.  This is the gap filling type.

Hope you like the post.  All comments are welcome.   Next will be any early Panther..

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