Saturday, February 4, 2012

Britsh Shermans for the Desert Campaign

Plastic Soldier Company Shermans are model for the Normandy campaign.  In order for these Shermans to be early models that fought the Afrika Korp they need to be modify. This is an quick fix.  All one has to do is file off the add on armor on both sides of the hull.  This only takes about 5 minutes of careful filing.  The sherman was painted with Life color Portland stone 64 (UA229).  Life Color makes a British desert camouflage set.  After the paint dried over night I weather with AK066 africa korps wash.  Next I used the red brown future mixture only around the equipment and hatches.  This made the features of the sherman stand out.  Next I will add the decals and finish up the weathering.

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  1. Nice simple conversion. Thanks for the idea :)