Saturday, February 11, 2012

Convert late STUG III/F8 into an early F

I guess I must just be crazy.  But looking all the extra part from the PSC Panzer III set I got a brain fart.  Why not make an early STUG III F.  The it would mean shorten the hull and just the
extra rear engine deck from the Panzer III set.  The engine cover vent run in a different direction.

Next I cut the hull on the late model hull to the correct length. As the early STUG III f was on the G model hull.

Modified hull  for early STUG III F

Now the rear deck mated to the STUG III  upper hull.

That's all for now.  Got to make the correct vision slot in the front.  Add the extra road wheel to the rear fenders.  Oh for got you need to remove the wood block on the right rear fender. Plus the fire extinguisher on the left rear fender.  More to come later.  Hope I explained everthing well.  All comments welcomed...

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