Friday, February 24, 2012

STUG III/F8 process

Here are a few pictures of the STUG.  The STUG is almost finished.  Going to retake the pictures.  I little bit to close..  On the bad side I was just laid off from my company.  General Dynamic land systems had some big cut back due to the defense budgets cuts. Now I am looking for work.. Anyone need a vehicle designer... 

The early STUG III/F is still in works.  But soon there will be more surprises.  Let say more STUG madness is coming...  Again comments are welcome.


  1. That looks pretty damn sharp, I like the rust effect you've got going on the tracks especially. Might want to dirty the decal slightly though.

  2. Great looking tank. Sorry to hear about ya job loss. That sucks.
    Throw a wash over the cross to get rid of the bright white is the only comment I have really.

  3. Thanks, I had just put on the decals. Always seal the decal with a quick coat of future. Haven't had a chance to put the flat coat. Glad you like the stug. Hope to post more photos today.