Monday, May 21, 2012

My Blank Dice have arrived.

Back in April I had ordered dice from the Blank Dice company in England.  The dice had not arrived other a period of 25 days or so.  I posted on "The Miniature Page" if anyone had ordered from the Blank dice company.  Everyone said they had excellent service from the company.  Angel Barracks sent me an email via my TMP account.  After explaining the problem of not getting any return emails for the company Micheal of Angel Barracks, he would look into.  In space of several hour Micheal email Wayne about the problem.   Wayne was to email me right way.  A day goes by and no email.  Turns out Wayne had a image attached to the emails.  My spam filter detected the image as spam or a virus.  This caused an auto deleted. Luck would have an email was sent to a yahoo account. There is how I discovered the problem.

Wayne sent me a replace on the 14th of May. The package arrived today.  The original is lost in the postal system somewhere between England and the US.  5 stars to Wayne of the Blank Dice company..  I'm making is a habit of checking my spam filter box.

 Now where did I put the stickers for the dice..  Saga in one step closer...

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