Saturday, December 22, 2012


As you know I use an airbrush to paint my models.  Have been using an airbrush since about 1970. Bought my first one from the original Squadron Shop in Hazel Park, Michigan. That was about a life time ago. The airbrush was a single action Paasche H model.  This airbrush was replaced by an H Model.  In between I just a badger double action that turned out to be a pain in the butt. 

Today I found this site called Don's Airbush tips.  In his blog he reviews a harbor freight airbrush it is the Harbor Freight Deluxe for a whole 22 dollars.  Based on the review I am going to purchase one today.  And some time in the future comment on how it worked out. Below is a link to Don's blog.  Take a look at all the different airbrushes he has tested.


Don's Airbrushe tips

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