Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rumble, rumble the T70's are here..

Here for inspection is my small horde of T70's by Plastic Soldier Company.  The little beasts are fun to build.  The part the take time in the build is cutting off the injection sprues on the tracks.  Believe this problem has been talked about on "The Miniatures Pages".  All in all from removing the parts off the sprues to a complete model about 10 minutes each. 

The T70's where paint using the Russian Armor part set by AK interactive paint set.  The set is called O4B Russian Green Modulation set.  The paint is a little thick to spray for 1/100 scale armor.  This was fixed with a couple of drop of water.  

The Number on the turret came from I-94 products.  These are excellent decals.

Now for the pictures enjoy:

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