Monday, March 18, 2013

Chain of Command new rules by Toofatlardies

Today on one of the Blogs I visit was posted a short post by a new rules set.  Too Fat Lardies new rule set to be published in the future are reviewed.  The rules are Platoon size battle.  There was a link to a You-tube video about the rules.  After watch the 2 videos it looks like the rules will be on my buy list in the future.

Check out the link and video.  Tell me what you think?  Are the rules worth buying?

Chain of Command by Too Fat Lardies

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Zevzda sfkz 222 Armor Car

Zevzda keeps making outstanding WW2 armor vehicles.  The Sfkz 222 is a sweet little model.  But a nightmare to put together.  After about 8 of them I realized if cut the back two attachment points off.  I could assembly the sides and top together.  That got rid of the gap problem.   Now for the Pictures.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kicking the heat with my Flame Panzer III

Another great 1/100 model from Zevzda.   The construction part was about 5 minutes.  Built these when the BA-10's started to drive nuts.  As for the build part check out Anton's site;  He did a excellent review.

My Flame panzer's are pattern off a pattern found on the web.  The panzer is vallejo panzer tan set.  The Red Brown is from Tamiya's Hull Red.  Both paints spray well.  This make my life easy when spraying the red brown.  Decal's are  mix from Dom's Decals and I-94. Both companies make excellent products.  Now for picture:

They still need to be weather a little.  The track on the front of the hull came from some spare track off the PSC Panzer III kits.   Waiting for PCS late Panzer III to be released.
Thanks for taking a look.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BA-10 in German service

Decided to do a BA-10 captured by the Germans.  Found this camo scheme on the web.  Figured I need a little extra firepower for my Sfkz 222 section.   

For a review on the BA-10 check out this
My friend Anton did an excellent review on the Zevzda BA-10.

Now for the pictures...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tiger I Ace

The PSC Tigers are great models.  Decided to make a Tiger Ace.  Here is my attempt at one enjoy.

The kill marking on the barrel are from I-94 enterprises.  I picked the three tone camo scheme as it seems to be common for both the eastern and western fronts. Let me know what you think.  More picture coming BA-10, skfz 222 and Panzer III flame tanks