Saturday, April 20, 2013

PCS 15mm M3 and M3A1 Halftracks

These little darlings showed up on Wednesday from  "The Warstore".  I had pre-ordered them but never got the notice the Halftracks where in.   Did some quick scans of the model and instructions.  The PSC are so nice to assembly.  Unlike the devil Sdfk222 and BA-10 from Zevzda.  No gap after assembly :)..   The hardest part of the assembly is putting on the fuel cans and the 30 cal. machine.   I suggest you put the 30 cal. on after the halftrack is painted and decaled.   Otherwise you mash it from handling.

PSC is going to bring out the M5 in a month or so.  There should be very small differences between the two vehicles.   In the assembly instructions they show the M3 with out the side racks on. But in all the picture's I have these are installed.  A tip for the driver's don't install the Cupola before the driver are in.  This is for the M3A1 version.  In Europe these halftracks where load down with all kinds of gear.  Glad I saved all the Jerry can's from the Sherman tanks.   Later I post pictures of the completed models. 

 How here are some scan's

 Okay now I need to buy more for my IDF forces for the 1967 and 1973 war.  Can anyone tell who makes IDF and Arabs forces in 15mm. 

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